How to 3 Star the Painter Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

So, you know how a painter fights? He challenges his rival to a doodle!

Every season, Clash of Clans releases various events and challenges. And the Painter Champion Challenge is one of this game’s sweet events. The base is the game’s Town Hall 13-inspired base. You’ll gain 500,000 gold, 500,000 elixirs, and 5,000 dark elixir loot reward if three-starred.

Are you having a hard time and need help with this challenge? If so, here’s a simple guide to help you three-star this event challenge and achieve a sweet victory.

Clash of Clans: How to 3 Star the Painter Champion Challenge

First, drop one earthquake spell on the inferno tower in the upper right corner of the base, followed by two lightning spells between the air sweeper and air defense.

Drop the final lightning spell between the remaining defenses to damage them.

Next, drop three rocket balloons and one regular balloon on the upper side to destroy the archer tower and the last two air defenses. This action will also trigger the poison spell tower.

After that, drop three dragons plus the Royal Champion to clear several storages and the remaining inferno tower.

Then, unleash the three headhunters to finish off the enemy royal champion while it’s busy attacking your dragon. And trigger your Royal Champion’s ability to eliminate the defenses and last air defense.

Go to the lower right side and release the skeleton spell on the scattershot.

Next, drop your balloons in a line, followed by six dragons. And put the remaining two dragons on the cannon near the town hall.

Then, drop the rage spell near the town hall and a freeze spell on the scattershot. This move will allow the balloons to clear the town hall and the scattershot. Meanwhile, some of the dragons will focus on eliminating the lava hound.

We’ll now go to the lower left side, where you need to drop one freeze spell on the eagle artillery and final inferno tower. Drop another freeze spell on them so the dragons can destroy them. After that, put the last freeze spell on the X-bow and the other scattershot to eliminate them all.

After all the defenses are gone, your dragons will clear the last remaining storages.

And that’s a wrap! You’re now armed with all the tips and tricks you need to conquer the Painter Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans.

So go forth, clashers, and show those paint-splattered walls who’s boss! And if anyone asks how you did it, just give them a knowing smile and say, “It’s all in the brush strokes.”

Until next time, happy clashing!

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