Blox Fruits: Fastest Way To Get Yama Guide

A new sword to add to the collection!

Blox Fruits Fastest Way To Get Yama Guide

Obtaining the best gear and items in the game can be fun especially if it’s challenging to do. Sometimes though, it’s time-consuming and you’ll want to get the item as quickly as possible. That’s why players find ways to make the grind a bit faster!

In Blox Fruits, there are many different weapons you can get in the game; one of them is Yama. This weapon isn’t a boss drop but instead, you’ll need to defeat specific enemies to get it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Yama sword in the game and how to do it faster! Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get that sword!

Fastest Way To Get Yama Guide

The Yama Sword is one of the cooler-looking swords in the game and it’s not something you get from boss drops. Instead, you’ll need to defeat a bunch of enemies first and then find where the sword is. Here’s how you can get it faster!

SIDE NOTE: Check out our link for Blox Fruits’ official Trello Page for more info on the enemies and items in the game!

Hunting Elite Pirates

To get a chance of getting the Yama sword, you’ll first need to hunt 30 Elite Pirates. To do this, you’ll need to go to the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea and look for the Elite Hunter NPC shown below.

If there’s an Elite Pirate on the server, he’ll give you a quest to hunt them down. If not, then there won’t be a quest.

Blox Fruits Elite Hunter

The Elite Pirates can spawn in multiple different locations on the map and spawn every 10 minutes. This can be time-consuming for some people. So, if there’s no Elite Pirate in your server, then just go to a different one!

Server Hopping

To make things a bit faster, you’ll want to server-hop if you don’t have an Elite Pirate on your server. To do this, just click on the “Servers” button on the upper left next to the chat icon. From there, join a random server and check the NPC again. Repeat until you find one that has an Elite Pirate!

Blox Fruits Server Hopping

Obtaining The Yama Sword

Once you’ve defeated 30 Elite pirates, go to the village in Hydra Island and follow the river to the waterfall. You’ll want to drop down the waterfall and at the base go ‘inside’ it by going to the back of the waterfall.

Blox Fruits Waterfall

Once you go through the waterfall, you’ll enter a hidden area as shown below. There, you’ll find a giant doorway that is blocked with stone. Use an explosive or Observation breaking move on it to open the path.

Blox Fruits Break Entrance To Yama Sword

When you open the doorway and go through it, you’ll see the Yama Sword in the middle of a room. Around it are Level 1500 ghosts that you’ll need to defeat. Once you’ve done that, interact with the sword in the middle.

Blox Fruits Ghost And Yama Sword

Interact with it multiple times until it says “If you continue, you might die. Try Again?” If you didn’t defeat 30 Elite Pirates when doing this you’ll die, but if you did, you’ll get the Yama sword!

That’s how you can get the Yama sword the fastest way in Blox Fruits. Just server-hop until you defeat 30 Elite Pirates! Now, go out there and try it yourself! If you missed the recent update, make sure to go check our guide on the Valentine’s update for more information!


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