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Webbed: Where To Find The Secret Button | Location

Push that button and get your hat!

In this incredible platformer, you will discover many fun easter eggs along the way, if you explore thoroughly. The maps have many secrets hidden in them and, with enough creativity and curiosity, you can have a lot of fun if you play Webbed. If you’re here, that means you’ve heard of the secret button that you can find somewhere on the map, if you explore enough. If you can’t do it on your own, here is where you can find the button with a few pictures!

Where To Find The Secret Button | Location – Webbed

Now, there is a big red button hidden on a place on the map, in a really far place up West. Here is a picture to understand exactly where you need to go:

To reach this place you will have to climb really, really high and you will see a spot where it looks like you can only go to the left.

The climb will be full of spikes and will be pretty steep, so be careful.

At this junction, shown in the picture above, you will be able, after a bit of platforming, to go even higher and to the right.

Once you get on top, jump off the ledge to the right and you’ll end up on a wooden ledge where you will see a button and a hat sign.

All you need to do now is bump into the button and you will get a hat!

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