Blox Fruits: How to Get Yama Sword Guide

So much work for just a sword!

The Yama Sword is a legendary weapon found in Blox Fruits that is capable of dealing high damage. However, many players are confused as to how this sword is obtained due to the amount of grinding required. This guide will focus on the steps involved in obtaining the Yama Sword.

How to Get Yama Sword Guide

  1. Travel to the Castle on Sea Island.
  2. Here you will find the Elite Hunter NPC.
  3. Talk to the Elite Hunter and take on quests to defeat elite enemies.
  4. The minimum number of enemies required to defeat is 20, while the sword is guaranteed 30 enemies and above. A progress option can be used to check how many elite enemies are left to be killed.
  5. Once the required enemies have been defeated, head inside the waterfall in Hydra Island.
  6. Break the wall using any observation-breaking move.
  7. Once inside, defeat the ghosts that are protecting the sword.
  8. Click on the sword at least three times to try and get it. On the third try, a message will appear that the player might die due to the curse. However, if 30 elite enemies have been defeated, then no need to worry.
  9. Finally, on the fourth try, you will obtain the sword

Yama Sword Detailed Walkthrough

Starting, head to the Castle on Sea Island.

Outside the castle, there will be the Elite Hunter NPC. This NPC provides locations for elite enemies that must be defeated to obtain the Yama Sword.

Elite hunter outside castle

Talk to the NPC to get quests for defeating the elite enemies. It will always be one of the three bosses, Diablo, Deandre, or Urban. Sometimes due to an enemy being defeated recently, the NPC will inform the player that no quests are available. If so, leave and talk to the NPC after ten minutes.

Talking to Elite Hunter

Players are required to defeat at least 30 elite enemies to guarantee the Yama Sword. Obtaining the sword can be tried after defeating 20 enemies, but there is a very high chance that the player will die. Additionally, players can check their progress using the progress button when talking to the Elite Hunter.

Progress shown

Once the enemy requirement has been reached, head to Hydra Island and enter the waterfall.

Waterfall on Hydra Island

At the end of the passageway will be a wall. Break this wall using any observation-breaking move. It is recommended to use Acidium Rifle or Serpenter Bow.

Breaking the wall

After breaking the wall, kill the five ghosts guarding the sword.

Defeating the ghosts

Next, click on the sword to try pulling it out, and messages will appear regarding the player’s progress.

First interaction message

On the third pull, a message will appear that the player might die due to the sword’s curse. If 30 elite enemies have been defeated, interact with the sword again.

Message that indicates curse

This will result in the player getting the sword and a confirmation message on the screen that the sword has accepted the player as its new owner.

Successfully getting sword

Obtaining the Yama sword requires a lot of work, but the result is worth it for a weapon of such high caliber. Let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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