Call Of Duty MW3 (2023): Shot Blocked Trophy Guide

No gun for you!

Call Of Duty MW3 Shot Blocked Trophy Guide

Trophy or Achievement hunting is a great way to get more out of the game as you try to complete all of them. The Call of Duty series has a lot of these challenging trophies that you can get and Call of Duty MW3 (2023) is no different! There’s an achievement in the game called Shot Blocked and it’s one where you’ll have to be a very good shot to pull off!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Shocked Blocked trophy in Call of Duty MW3. We’ll also show you some tips on where to pre-aim, so you can get that shot off!

Shot Blocked Trophy Guide

In the 8th mission: Flashpoint of the campaign, you and Price will breach a room filled with Paramedics.

It’s a tense situation because you don’t know if they’re hostile or not. Keep an eye out for the two guys at the back near the door.

Now, the guy on the right will throw a gun at the guy on the left. To get the Shot Blocked trophy, you’ll need to shoot the gun while it’s in the air as the guy throws it.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Aim Here

You’ll want to aim just above the door handles of the door behind them as shown above. Once he throws the gun at the other guy, shoot at it to get the trophy.

I understand that it’s pretty difficult to get that shot. So, if you want to retry, you can load from the last checkpoint. Just keep on reloading until you get that shot!

There you have it! Make sure to go check out our guide on the Hitchhiker trophy if you haven’t already.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Shoot Gun Out Of Air

That’s how you get the Shot Blocked Trophy in Call of Duty MW3 (2023). Now, go out there and try to shoot that gun while in the air!

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