Chained Echoes: Permit Troubles Guide

That pesky Becker!

Permit Troubles is a very fun quest that you can be doing to now just find out about the lore of the Becker business, but also a little something about Jan. You will be having battles so be prepared for them too. Let’s see what you will need to do to complete this quest. Let’s get started.

Permit Troubles Guide – Chained Echoes

There are a couple of very important steps that you should be taking while doing the Chained Echoes. Here we shall present you with all of them one by one:

Step 1 – Treasure Spot

This is where you shall need to come to get the last treasure spot. It will be just next to the crossroads where the sign at the middle shall be placed.

Step 2 – Getting Back To Becker

You might or might not get scammed by Becker. He might give you a couple of documents to pass the border that will be fake. Even if this doesn’t happen to your game, where in such cases it has been possible, you will still need to return to him.

Step 3 – Running After Jan

Basically you will need to be going to the bottom left corner. You will be passing these houses and then this fence. Once you get past this fence you will find a couple of enemy monsters that are surrounding Jan. You shall then engage them in a battle.

Step 4 – Still Chasing Jan

This time you will be running to the bottom right corner until you get to the beach. Once here, just start running up and to the right. You will get to the shoreline and then just take an up turn and you will find Jan next to a house.

Step 5 – Dealing With Becker

Once you have talked to Jan you will just need to run back to Becker. Be prepared to go into a battle though so make sure that you are ready for a big fight. You will be dealing with a total of 4 enemies at once which isn’t all that hard.

Once you will deal with Becker you will have completed the quest. Congratulations!

That’s all that you need to do to be able to finish Permit Troubles in Chained Echoes. We hope that this guide has been helpful. Have fun doing it yourself!

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