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Discover unlocking Classes & Upgrading Gear!

Chained Echoes might look like a typical 2D adventure RPG game, but there is a whole lot of depth placed into it as well. In this guide, we shall be teaching you how you can actually unlock certain classes to place on your characters as well as upgrade their equipment. Let’s get started.

Chained Echoes – How to Unlock Classes & Upgrade Equipment

Unlock Classes

To be able to Unlock Classes you will need to go around the map and find certain types of statues. This is how the statues will look like on the map:

They can be found pretty much in every larger area of significance in the game. If it is part of the main story, you can be sure that you will find one. All that you will have to do now, is just walk up to it and just interact with it.

After praying at these statues you will be given a Class Emblem. This is the item that you can use for upgrading your skills.

Just be careful, when you do engage this statue and get your skill upgrade and classes, you will need to engage into a fight. After you have defeated the enemies that have been presented at you in the fight you will get to choose a class.

It is up to you whether or not you want to accept any type of class. For example, some will be very good for healing, while others are for damage.

Upgrade Equipment

To upgrade your equipment you shall need to locate the blacksmith that is very busy and preparing for an upcoming war. This is what he will look like. You will find him as part of your main mission so do not worry if you might miss him.

Once you finish the dialogue you will be able to come here whenever you want and just craft your own upgrade on either a weapon or armor.

You will need to have crystals with you to be able to make these weapons stronger. Also, some money will be required. It is a very simple system. You just level your weapons up and they become stronger.

You are able to combine crystals as well as removing them from your gear. So go on ahead and start experimenting at your will.

We hope that this guide has helped you out by teaching you how to unlock new classes as well as upgrade your equipment. Have fun!

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