Clover Retribution: Every Boss Spawn Location

All 5 boss locations in one guide!

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There’s a lot of exciting bosses to defeat and loot from in Clover Retribution. In fact, there’s even an event going on right now, which introduces 2 additional bosses and a challenging raid boss. If you’re interested in testing your limits and getting your hands on some high-value loot, I’ve got you covered. In this guide, I’ll show you every single boss spawn location in the game. Let’s take a look!

Every Boss Spawn Location

For this guide, our starting point will be the Village Church, this iconic building right here as shown in the image below.

Also, it’s good to know that some bosses can have purple-ish particles going around them, which means they’re corrupted. In such state, the bosses are like 10-times harder to kill but gives off much better and even exclusive loot.

Clover Retribution: Every Boss Spawn Location Church Starting Point

There’s a total of 5 bosses in the game at the moment. They all give lots of EXP and Mastery. If you’re only looking for certain locations, feel free to use the table of contents below for easier navigation.

Alpha Wolf

First up, we have the Alpha Wolf. Starting from the church, look towards this direction. And make your way up the mountains.

Clover Retribution: Alpha Wolf Boss

On top of the mountain, you’ll see some type of a skull structure. In front that, the Alpha Wolf will be spawning.

Among all the bosses, this one is the weakest and the first one that you can try to take down. If corrupted, it has a chance of dropping the Lupine Shadow Plate.

Now if you’re wondering what’s in the skull, it’s actually a cave, which is will be your main source of copper, iron and stone.

Clover Retribution: Alpha Wolf Exact Location


Next up, we have Vennum. By the way, you’ll be able to spot the next two bosses around this direction as well. Again, start on the church. And just keep on going straight to this direction.

Clover Retribution: Vennum Boss

Eventually, you’ll be able to spot the Vennum boss in the middle of a sandy area. Compared to other bosses, he doesn’t drop that much, unfortunately, just the Azure Diamond Crest Ring.

Clover Retribution: Vennum Exact Location

Bandit Lord & Warlord (Event Bosses)

From Vennum’s location, make your way towards left. Then, you’ll be able to spot the Grasslands Warlord right around the area (in the grasses, of course). It’ll be holding a notable staff that it uses in combat.

Defeating the Warlord will drop two chests, as well as spawn the Bandit Lord boss in an area not far from the initial location, which also drops two chests.

These chests have a chance of dropping the runes required for the Aetherstone Raid boss, as well as the Bandit Sovereign Leathers.

Clover Retribution: Warlord Boss

Similar to the Warlord, the chests that the Bandit Lord boss drops also has a chance of having the runes required for the Aetherstone Raid boss, as well as exceptional Ogrehide Vanguard Armor.

Now, after spawning the Bandit Lord, you may have to squint your eyes for this one, as you’ll have to do a 360 and scan around the area for tents.

Go to that location and you’ll be able to spot the Bandit Lord in the middle of the encampment.

Clover Retribution: Bandit Lord Boss


Up next, we have the Ogre. Again, starting from the church, make your way straight to this direction. You’ll also come across some Wolf Hunters on your way to the location, in case you’re wondering where they’re at.

Clover Retribution: Ogre Boss

Eventually, you’ll end up in this location. Now, you will know you’re in the right spot once you see a huge castle to the right. And to the left, you’ll come across some pillars as shown in the image below.

The Ogre boss is located behind these pillars. It has lots of valuable loots including the Ogrebane Pike, Ogrebane Ironblade, Ogre Hide for crafting and more.

Clover Retribution: Ogre Boss Exact Location

Rune/Aetherstone Raid Boss

First, before you’re able to spawn the Rune/Aetherstone Raid Boss, you should know that it’s required to have these 4 rune items dropped from the Bandit Lord & Warlord (Event Bosses) from before:

  • Rune of Endless Challenge
  • Rune of Colossal Wrath
  • Rune of Raging Tempest
  • Rune of Shattered Earth

Once you have the items, you’ll have to activate 4 stone pillars, scattered across the map using the runes. We’ll be making a guide on all the stone pillar locations, as well, so stay tuned for that.

To make the job easier, you can do this with friends and other players. After all the pillars are activated, you can then make your way to the Boss’s location.

Clover Retribution: Aetherstone Raid Boss Pillar

Now, for the Rune bosss location, starting from the church look around you for this ring in the middle of the lake as shown in the image below.

The ring is actually a portal, which will lead you the Aetherstone Isle Raid. So far, this is the only raid we have in the game at the moment, but it definitely is worth doing.

It gives off high-value loot including the special items, Aetherstone Halberd and Aetherstone Pauldrons. Moreover, you also get lots of gold, EXP and mastery, and by lots, even more than all of the other bosses combined.

Clover Retribution Aetherstone Raid Boss Location

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

And that’s how you find every boss spawn location in Clover Retribution. For the Aetherstone Raid boss, it’s recommended to have a strong team. However, we’re yet to find out if it’s possible to do it solo. We’ll make sure let you know if does end up being doable. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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