Clover Retribution: New Time Magic Guide & Showcase

How does this new magic type work?

Clover Retribution features a wide range of races and magic spells that you can spin for. One of them is Time Magic, which is a new addition that requires quite a bit of luck to actually get through the spinning mechanic. It is looking like a very powerful set of spells so far, but how exactly does it work?

New Time Magic Guide & Showcase

This set of magic has a passive ability known as Time Dash, which is a short range teleport that will allow you to dodge enemy attacks when timed right.

Clover Retribution time dash

Next up, the Future Sight ability grants you an undisclosed amount of dodge chance, and we can assume that this increases as you level it up.

It has a cooldown of 45 seconds, so you will have to figure out the best time to use it, especially during a PvP encounter.

Clover Retribution future sight

For the first offensive ability, you have Chrono Burst, which has a short cooldown of only 8 seconds. It has a small area of effect, but it stuns anything caught within range and deals a bit of damage.

The stun lasts for several seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to dish out a lot of damage while your enemy is stuck in time.

Clover Retribution chrono burst

Next up, we have Temporal Flick, which has a cooldown of 12 seconds. It has three phases, with the first shooting one projectile. The number of projectiles goes up to a maximum of three, and it has a chance to stun your target.

It has a relatively short range, but it deals a ton of burst damage. The cooldown also doesn’t start until you have fired all three phases of the ability.

Clover Retribution temporal flick

Finally, we have the Chrono Anastasis ability. This has a long 65 second cooldown, but it is incredibly powerful.

It summons a large clock and a circle under it that indicates its area of effect, and it deals a ton of damage over time. It also has a chance to stun enemies each tick.

This one requires a 4-Leaf Clover to use, as with similar abilities of this magnitude from other magic sets.

Clover Retribution chrono anastasis

Those are pretty much all of the abilities, though it should be noted that the stuns do not seem to work on bosses, so be mindful of that when you’re trying to fight one of them.

And that’s it for this short guide and showcase. Time magic seems like it’s going to be a top tier set for the game, so you should try to spin for it if you have a lot of attempts saved up!

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

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