Clover Retribution: Best Race Tier List

Which races are the best?

There are 15 races that you can get in Clover Retribution. Each race gives you different stats, naturally, some of them are better than the others. In this article, we are going to put them in ranks to see which ones you should choose and which ones you should avoid. Let’s now get to our Clover Retribution: Best Race Tier List.

Best Race Tier List

All races are divided into tiers according to their benefits to the players, with S being the most potent and useful for leveling up and D being the least. Keep in mind that this is a completely subjective list, so it might not reflect everyone’s perspective.

Clover Retribution Best Race Tier List

S Tier

  • Dreadscale: When you reach level 50, Dragon’s Fear does damage and an evasive +15% slashing and bludgeoning resistance. This race also gives you +20% health, +10 constitution, and +5 intelligence.
  • Ryomen: It gives you the High Speed Regeneration trait. This means that you get a +10 constitution, double health regeneration out of combat, and +10% more mana.
  • Demon: Even though the Demon race has not been added to the game yet, as far as we know, it is going to be a support-type race.
    • Meaning that the players will be able to give half of their stats to someone they wish. We think that it might be a great race to play with others, therefore, we put this race to the S Tier.

A Tier

  • Mahari: The Mahari gives you + 25% mana. Moreover, it has a passive trait called Adaptive Resistance. This trait also provides you with the following benefits:
    • A wheel appears on top of your head when you first spawn and moves with you. The Wheel rotates in response to damage you receive; the number of turns it takes to adjust depends on how complex the attack is.
    • The Wheel can only simultaneously adjust to a maximum of two different types of damage or status effects.
    • You will have all damage of that type for 60 seconds after you have adjusted to it. It will take 60 seconds for a status effect to wear off on you once you have adapted to it.
  • High Elf: The High Elf race provides you with +5 intelligence and 15% more mana. You also give 12% more magic damage to enemies.
  • Dark Elf: When you have the Dark Elf race, you get a +5 intelligence and 25% more fire damage.
  • Lynthari: The Lynthari race gives you +12 dexterity and +4 speed boost. However, what is best about this race is that it is immune to fall damage.

B Tier

  • Stonekin: This race gives you +5 strength and +5 constitution. You also get a +15% blud reduction and +20% more health.
  • Hybrid Elf: The Hybrid Elf race gives you +2 intelligence and +2 dexterity. It also provides you with 5% more piercing and slashing damage and 5% more mana. What’s more, you also get an increased mana regeneration by a flat +3 and an increased % regen by 10.
  • High Orc: This one provides you with +10 strength and +2 constitution. It also gives you 30% more health.

C Tier

  • Beast: The Beast race gives you +3 strength and +3 constitution. It also makes you deal 10% more bludgeoning damage. It is not too bad, but it also does not provide you with anything that is worth a higher tier.
  • Dwarf: This race only decreases crafting prices and increases crafting rarity chances.

D Tier

  • Human: Basically, the Human race is the generic race you get in Clover Retribution. It does not have any special abilities or anything that we can state to distinguish it from other races. Therefore, it is not a good race to have.
  • Orc: Gives you the Fighter trait and +3 strength.
  • Goblin: It gives you a Gold Fever trait and +2 Dex.

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Clover Retribution Best Race Tier List

This is it for our Clover Retribution: Best Race Tier List. Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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