Collect 4 Glorious Gold Medals Sealed Ruins | Genshin Impact

Get Gold Medals in all 4 stages of the Sealed Ruins!

The new sealed ruins challenge for the A Sealed Potions event can be challenging to beat if you do not use your potions correctly. One of the challenges for the event is to get 4 Glorious Gold Medals in all four stages of the event. Here is a quick guide on how to ace all four stages of the event. 

Get 4 Glorious Gold Medals in Sealed Ruins — Genshin Impact

Keep in mind that this guide is not free-to-play friendly. If you want to take a look at the free-to-play friendly version for this event, take a look at this guide. To start, teleport in the Sealed Ruins in Liyue near the Luhua Pool. 

For the first stage, take a Pyro character like Diluc or Xiangling, 2 Geo characters like Zhongli or Albedo, and Xingqiu. For the potions, equip Amp: Fierce Pursuit, Intensifying potion, and Explosive Potion. Keep in mind that you can choose any characters you like and fit the potions to their needs. 

Once you are done with the first stage it is time to assemble your second party. Take the main DPS character like Xiao and a Hydro character like Barbara. Add Shehe and Ayaka if you have her, for the Cryo resonance. Equip the Convection Potion, Explosive Potion, and Dielectric potion for this lineup. 

Similar to the first stage, add your best DPS and supporting characters to the third stage like Diluc, Zhongli, Xingqiu, and Venti. Equip the Amp: Cumulative Strike potion, Deflagration potion, and Dielectric potion for this stage. 

Use the same team for the second stage on the last stage. Take the Parallel potion, Intensity potion, and slow-release potion. The key here is to have at least two batches of teams that are optimized and ready for battle. 

And there you have it, defeat the enemies as fast as possible to get all Gold Medals in 4 stages!

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