Madden NFL 22: How To Pass | Ultimate Passing Guide

A simple way to learn how to throw and catch a pass

Passing in NFL 22 can be a bit of a hassle. Of course, in order to perfect the passing well, you need a lot of practice. When you learn the basics just repeat and practice what you have learned.

How To Pass | Ultimate Passing Guide Madden NFL 22

The basic thing is that when you are ready to pass, you press the button that is identical to the icon of the player you want to pass. Of course, many things affect accuracy. 

We have several types of passes and they are:

Lob pass, if you want to play a pass that will stay in the air longer than a regular pass, use the lob pass.

Touch pass, this is a standard pass and you do it by pressing the receiver.

Bullet pass, if you want extremely fast passes, ideally for a narrow space, use this pass.

A high pass is made by pressing L1 or LB and pressing the receiver icon.

A low pass is made by pressing L2 or LT and the press icon and this is ideal for fast and short receivers with a defense behind it.

The combination of these passes is the Pump Fake. It is done by double-pressing the receiver icon. This is a fake pass that can free up space for another receiver to pass.

Throw away pass is made by pressing R3 and RS, this is a practical throw of the ball out to avoid a dangerous throw.

A very important part of passing is catching but fortunately, this part is simple.

Possession catches are made with X or A, with this catch you focus on securing the ball and it is ideal for throwing in a narrow space between defenders.

Aggressive catching is done by pressing the Triangle or Y, this catch is used when you have a safe option for passing and catching which will give you an advantage and reduce the risk of losing the ball. 

At the end is Run after catching, it is done by pressing Square or X. It is ideal for receivers with a lot of space in front of them to keep running to catch the ball.

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