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Collect The Five Lost Books In Genshin Impact

Complete your collection of lost books by following these tips!

We have a series of procedures that need to be completed to collect all 5 lost books. These procedures can be a bit confusing as they are many of them, so here, we will break down the procedure for you to finish the quest.

Genshin Impact: Collect The Five Lost Books

We start at Evernight Temple where we have the Date Challenges. Click the switch in front of you and then hit the switch once for the inner and outer walls. 

Then go down and between the walls, you will find three water totems, activate all three. Then an opening will be made in the middle, enter it and start the Date’s Medal of Recognition Challenge.

You will need to perform it at the Serpentine Heart. When you are here, move to the right next to the cliff and there will be a door on the right side. Use the Date’s key here.

This will open the grille, enter it and as you get down, go straight to the blue light switch

Here you will need to reposition the gates by pressing the switches on the pillars and then hit the triangular shape switches. You are doing this to adjust the position of the doors.

When you have done this, press the blue switch again and return to Evernight Temple. Go to Date and start the Antigonus Quest.

This quest is located in the southern part of Dainichi Mikoshi. When you get here, get off the cliff and enter the opening under it. Talk to the suspect and teleport to the marked place. Follow this and find Anthei. 

Then, turn on and beat the big golden robot and you will finish this part and obtain the item “Before Sun and Moon”

Now you will head to the prominent rock on which the quest route begins. The blue portal will take you to the Vishap Research Lab.

Go straight and talk to the figure with three questionnaires on it. This is where the Tricolor Fire quest begins

Here you will have to hit the switches in blue and purple and beat the opponents who will come towards you. Then the gate will open, and you can take the Tricolor Fire.

Next is the secret behind the Dainichi Mikoshi Puzzle

Go down to the bottom and you will find an opening, enter here, and activate the blue triangular switch, and then down again to the round switch

Repeat this procedure two times and head to the opening to open the chest. Here you will have 5 symbols that you will need to activate in the correct order. You are then solving the Riddle at the Altar in the Serpent’s Heart.

When you finish this riddle, you have to buy from Kuroda The Serpent the item, Drakes of Tokoyokoku in Inazuma City. 

Finally teleport to The Narrows, here you will be able to complete the Dragons and Snakes collection. Talk to Ema and show off your book collection. 

With that, you will find all the books and you will finish this quest.

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