One Fruit Simulator: How to Upgrade Ships Guide

A better ship makes for a better experience.

You can’t be a great pirate if your ship doesn’t perform well. That’s what players in One Fruit Simulator in Roblox need to remember. No matter how strong they may be, they can’t get a good reputation if their ship moves as slow as a snail. Luckily, in One Fruit Simulator, you can upgrade your ship to perform better. In this guide, I will be showing you how to upgrade your ship as much as you can in One Fruit Simulator.

How to Upgrade Ships Guide

To upgrade your ship, you will first need to go to Water 77 island. This is where the NPC is. Be careful, as the level requirements for Water 77 is level 2800 to 3750. If you’re under leveled and you head to that area, avoid fighting the enemies.*

Water 77 island in One Fruit Simulator.

When you get to Water 77, look for the NPC with a hammer icon above its head. This NPC will be dressed in blue and surrounded by carts and stalls.

NPC location in One Fruit Simulator.

Speak to the NPC and you will get the options of what you can upgrade on your ship. You have Acceleration, Max Speed, Maneuverability, and Fruit Buff. You’ll have to pay at least 250.00k gold for each upgrade, which increases the further you upgrade. Invest in whatever stat you want to upgrade, and then try out your boat to see the changes.

Upgrade options in One Fruit Simulator.

That’s all you need to know to upgrade your ship in One Fruit Simulator. Did you manage to upgrade your ship? Let us know in the comments below.

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