Core Keeper: A Throne Fit for a King Achievement Guide

A seat for the royal tushy.

They say a mans kingdom is where his toilet is located in. Usually, that would be inside your home. But what if the toilet is out in the open? Does that mean the entire world is your kingdom? Well, with this achievement, it certainly is. The achievement “A Throne Fit for a King” is an achievement you can unlock by sitting down on a Caveling Toilet with a crown equipped. But where can you get a crown? Or a Caveling Toilet? In this guide, we show you how you can get these things.

A Throne Fit for a King Achievement Guide – Core Keeper

Get a Caveling Toilet and a crown

Source: Serroh

To get the achievement, you need to sit on a Caveling Toilet while wearing a crown. Sounds easy, right? But to get a crown, you need to summon a King Slime. The enemy was a part of the Terraria crossover event, and the only way to summon the enemy is by using the Crown Summoning Idol. To get that, you need to kill any Slime. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s a Slime.

With the Crown Summoning Idol, just place it anywhere on the ground and the King Slime will be summoned. It is easy to kill, and you will get the crown.

Sit on the Caveling Toilet with the crown equipped

Source: Serroh

Now that you have your Caveling Toilet and the crown, just place the Caveling Toilet anywhere in the world and sit down on it with the crown equipped. You will then get the achievement unlocked. Huge thanks to Serroh for the information required to unlock this achievement. If you want to watch his video where he talks about the process on getting the requirements, you can check out his video here: A Throne Fit for a King (ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE) | Core Keeper

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