Roblox BEAR*: How to Get Reality Badge Guide (Free-Smiley-Faces)

Learn how to get one of the two badges in the new event!

BEAR* is a survival horror game on Roblox wherein a group of players have to try their best to not die to the titular bear by solving a variety of puzzles.

There are many unlockable features in the game, and in the recent update, players have to complete the Free-Smiley-Faces game in order to unlock special skins for BEAR*. Here is how you can get the Reality badge!

How to Get One of the Two Badges (Free-Smiley-Faces)

Completing the Free-Smiley-Faces game will grant you access to the Jimbo skin in BEAR*, but it isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect.

There are a bunch of puzzles to solve that aren’t going to be obvious unless you pay close attention to your surroundings. In this guide, we’ll go through each step in-detail.

NOTE: You’ll need the On Badge in order to get the “Betrayal” badge, so make sure to check out our guide for that in case you still don’t have it.

First Area

Upon spawning into the world in Free-Smiley-Faces, you will find yourself in a fairly creepy town with a bunch of NPCs standing outside their houses.

Your first objective will be to find a gray key, which spawns in a random location for every player and can potentially appear inside one of the houses.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces gray key

In order to enter a house, simply speak with the NPC standing outside and they’ll let you walk in through the front door. If you want to skip the dialogue, just mash the spacebar to speed through it.

Also, before (or after) you grab the key, make sure to look for a machine with a keyboard on it. There will be a bunch of codes taped to its side. Take a screenshot of this as you will need it later.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces code cheat sheet

Entering The Maze

Once you have retrieved the gray key, head over to the house with the frowning NPC in front of it. It will have the file name “negativejimbhouse.jimb” floating above it. Simply talk to the NPC and go inside.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces sad NPC house

Once inside, use the key to unlock the door and descend down the stairs until you reach a dark maze past an exit sign.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces maze entrance

From here, you must search for and pull a set of three purple levers scattered throughout the maze. Their locations are random for each player, so you will have to find them yourself.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces purple lever

After all three switches have been activated, a gate will open somewhere in the maze. Return to the entrance where the exit sign was and face the maze once more.

From here, go through the left corridor, then immediately take a right on the first opportunity that you can.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces maze path

Go through the right once more and simply follow the path until you reach a dead end. There, you will find an object that you can press E on.

There will be a relatively loud jumpscare once you interact with it.

After that, simply make your way back to the entrance and climb back up the stairs. Leave the house and a cutscene will play out.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces end of maze

Defeating The Giant Ball

After the cutscene, you will find yourself inside the house once more. Wait for a few seconds for the ball to move away and go outside.

Immediately hide inside a bush until the coast is clear. The screen will get progressively more distorted the closer the ball is to you, so use that as a way to determine if it’s safe to walk around.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces hiding on bush

Your objective during this part is to find four binary codes, which can appear in random locations around the map and inside the houses. Try your best to avoid detection until you find all of them.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces binary code

The codes will appear in a fake Notepad window on the upper left corner of the screen, and once you have all four, find the machine with the keyboard on it from earlier.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces machine with codes

Using the screenshot of the codes that you took earlier, figure out which color corresponds to each number and input it in the machine. For example, in the screenshot above, parts of the code will be the following:

  • 00110100 (Orange) – 4
  • 00110101 (Blue) – 5
  • 00110010 (Cyan) – 2
  • 00110111 (Gray) – 7

Again, this will be different for everyone, so make sure to find all four codes to figure out the combination! The fifth number is something that you will have to guess.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces machine correct code

Make sure to hide in the bush beside the machine whenever the ball gets too close. After you have successfully guessed the last number in the code, another cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, a giant folder icon will appear behind the machine. Once it becomes smaller, you can interact with it to get to the next zone.

SIDE NOTE: Around this area, you’ll also come across the cage with the “desmile.jimb” label on it, which is tied to the Betrayal badge in the game. Make sure to check out our guide for that as well!

BEAR* free-smiley-faces folder

Obstacle Course

Upon being teleported by the folder, you will find yourself in an obstacle course. You will have a time limit of 15 minutes to complete it.

Aside from the occasional distractions that will block your screen, there is no special trick to keep in mind here. You will just have to try your best to get to the end of it before time runs out.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces obstacle course

The Next Puzzle

Once you reach the end of the obstacle course, you will be teleported into a dark location. Simply walk forward until a cutscene starts to play.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces darkness

After the cutscene, you will be teleported to a different location, where you must solve another puzzle. Avoid the green part of the floor and climb up the stairs.

Talk to the ominous looking NPC and wait for them to finish. Then, go back down the stairs to start with the puzzle.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces black NPC

When you go back downstairs, you will find various numbered panels with question marks in them on the walls. Input the following letters under the corresponding numbers:

  • 1 – E
  • 2 – X
  • 3 – C
  • 4 – E
  • 5 – L
  • 6 – K
  • 7 – F
  • 8 – A
BEAR* free-smiley-faces final puzzle

After doing that, a new path will reveal itself at the end of the corridor. Simply navigate through the thin pathway until you reach the end.

Then, touch the wall at the dead end to get teleported to the final area.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces zig zag floor

Final Boss Fight

In this final zone, you will be fighting a giant cursor. The first thing you need to do is find the glowing orb. This will be your weapon for this entire encounter.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces boss fight weapon

The boss has three different attacks that you have to avoid. They are the following:

  • The cursor will occasionally touch the ground and start slowly dragging itself across.
  • It will throw files at you.
  • Stacks of cards will start bouncing around in the arena.

Every now and then, it will fall to the ground. When it does this, walk up to it and attack it. Keep repeating this until it dies.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces boss fight

Once it’s dead, a little tricycle will appear in the middle of the arena. Pick it up and your character model should change. After that, simply walk over to the stairs at the edge of the zone.

BEAR* free-smiley-faces ending

Once you reach the staircase, one final cutscene will play, and you should get the Reality badge afterwards. This will unlock a new skin for you to use in BEAR*.

And that is how you get one of the badges in the Free-Smiley-Faces game that ties into BEAR*. Now, get out there and do these steps before it’s gone forever!

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