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Deathloop: How To Open Door With Three Locks in Updaam | All Codes

Bypass the 3 circles of death!

You know what evil people do? What the developers have decided to do with these door locks. It is pure, vile behavior! You will need to open a door by finding the codes for 3 different locks. Ok, sounds easy, right? I’ll just tell you the numbers for the locks really quickly and then… Oh, wait! The codes are randomized! You will have your own distinct codes for this door! So, all I can do is tell you how and where to find the codes, and get past this horrible door!

How To Open Door With Three Locks in Updaam | All Codes – Deathloop

You must have found the door in Updaam if you’re reading this guide so I won’t go into too much detail about its location.

As said before, the codes for the locks are different for everyone, so you will need to find them yourself. Luckly, the first code is right in the adjacent room.

Cassandra’s Code

You will find on the table in the left corner a note named “The Pact of Smoke” which shows Cass’ code for the door. The code will be written in your journal.

You will then need to go back to the room with the lock and interact with the box that has 3 cables coming in it and a green light and 2 red lights.

Click the button on it and move the green light to be at the top. It will look like in the picture below:

Vanya’s Code

After that, you will need to head to Karl’s Bay. You will need to head to the Gardens of Perception and go through on the other side.

There, you will see some stairs that lead to a storage room. Here is where you need to go:

At the end of the storage unit, you will find Vanya’s Pact of Smoke on a table with some cans. That’s where you’ll find the second code.

Anatoly’s Code

To continue this search, the next morning you need to go back to the door and the switch with lights on it. This time, the blue cable should have the green light. So the 3rd light should be green.

After that, head to Karl’s Bay, next to the Treasure of the Ice and, in one of the dark alleys, you will find a room that has a shining purple card. That’s where the note is.

You will find Anatoly’s Pcat of Smoke and you’ll know all the codes.

Now, you just need to head back to the door and put in the codes. The door will open and you’ll find a really nice guy inside. Nothing more interesting than that though…

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