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Tales of Arise: Gourmet Saga – Palace Delicacy Side Quest Guide

Save Gourdeno from starving!

Gourdeno is willing to share his Beef Stew recipe with you! But you have to help him with the ingredients first so he can make the most delicious Beef Stew.

How to Start Palace Delicacy Side Quest

You can start the quest by going to Viscint in Menanacia. You will find Gourdeno lying on the ground and starving. However, Gourdeno does not eat just any food. After all, he is a gourmet. He asks you to get a few ingredients for his Beef Stew.

Getting the Beef

One of the ways you can easily get beef is by raising them on the ranch. To unlock this mechanic, you have to complete the Pharia Ranch quest that can be found on Traslida Highway.

Getting the Vegetables

You can find all the vegetables by looking at the resources available on your map. Below is the location for each resource:

  • Near the walls on Menanacia, Viscint.
  • On the foot-side of the mountain on Traslida Highway.
  • On the grass fields near Traslida Highway.

Completing Palace Delicacy Side Quest

Give all the ingredients you collected to Gourdeno and he will give you the Beef Stew Recipe, 1100 Gald and 150 SP.

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