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Meet the spy who shioked me.

When you want to be the best you need to take a step back and ask yourself a few questions. Questions like: What gadget should I bring to maximize my effectiveness? Or should I really pull out my rifle inside of a room that’s packed with people just to make a mess? If you did the latter one too many times you’ve been playing too much CSGO, Deceive Inc. is a spy game, and that’s not how you play Ace! Take the guide for a spin and see what you can do with Ace in order to come out on top in every match you’re unfortunate enough to be a part of!

Ace Complete Guide | Deceive Inc.

From what you’re already seeing, it’s clear that Ace specializes in long ranged combat and also doubles as a Tracker. This means that enemy agents are going to have a difficult time running away from you once their cover is blown. If you like switching between a passive and aggressive approach towards solving your problems then check out what her other feats are before deploying.

Let’s start with her active ability, Queen’s Gaze let’s Ace track down her enemies by leaving a red trail for her to follow. You can use this to keep a close eye on your enemies or chase someone down after a lengthy firefight to finish the job. You can even track Larcin with this ability, and he specializes in escapism mind you!

Her second ability is Stacked Odds, this applies the Vulnerable trait to the last person you managed to hit or the one you’re currently aiming for with your scope, which translates to bonus damage that stacks with her weapons resulting in a one shot kill.

The last ability that you should definitely be using is Big Blind. This designates a zone that will make everything visible to you and your allies, basically wall hax if you enjoy playing competitive shooters with a little bit of help on the side.

For your weapons, you have three high powered rifles to choose from. Your first weapon is the Queen of Diamond, a scoped bolt-action sniper rifle, excellent in long range engagements, quite spicy to use in room to room combat as you only have five bullets to work with until you need to reload.

The next weapon is the Jack of Diamond, something you shouldn’t be saying too loudly in a public place. It has a slightly faster rate of fire and doesn’t come with a scope since it’s used for mid-ranged combat.

The last variant of this weapon would be the King of Diamond, it has an even bigger scope and can cover longer ranges, the perfect weapon to use with Queen’s Gaze as it’s basically an AWP that can one hit your enemies. The only problem with this variant is that you reload after every shot, so make them count before your target reaches you!

Now let’s take a look at her passive abilities, all of them will give you the ability to charge your shot while you’re aiming down your sights, with slight differences here and there. For Diamond’s Bet it’s pretty simple, you charge up your shot that deals bonus damage to an enemy agent. Pair this up with King’s Diamond and Stacked Odds to let your foes experience an early retirement. Permanently.

Crippling shot blows out your enemy’s legs and slows them down for a short amount of time, making it easier for you and your team to light someone up all the way to heaven. Her last passive is Cover Flush, this allows you to expose other agents who choose to fight instead of hide for a short amount of time.

You can do this while your target is surrounded by armed guards, blow their cover at the right time and watch the AI do the work for you, just make sure there’s a body to be found once the dust settles.

If you end up in a scenario where you have to fight in close range, you just might benefit from taking an Automated Turret along with you. That way you’ll still have a fighting chance with firing from the hip while you’re turret tries to get some hits in.

Using the Jump Pad as Ace also helps out massively if you want to take advantage of the verticality some maps have to offer. Just don’t get caught peaking too much, if there’s an agent out there worth their salt they’ll definitely expect someone to be walking around the rooftops.

Another good option would be the Shield Umbrella, if you enjoy a bit of spicy footwork and wiggling then plop down the device to give you a bit of extra cover that you can hop in and out of.

Last is your field upgrades, no harm in bringing an extended ammo pouch if you expect a lot of shooting to go down. If you think we’re crazy to put in a social battery then you might be right, but not entirely! You can pair this with the Recon Drone while you’re sitting somewhere an NPC is expected to sit to regain a little bit of health while also having the ability to gather intel for you and your teammates.

Just because you’re built for long ranges that doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself up close, you would still have a chance if you’re just dealing with a 1 vs. 1 scenario. You can even get the jump on your enemy if your patient enough, it’s your role to begin with so stick with it!

Wait for the right time to actually open fire and make sure that you have some backup with you get the job done if you ever slip up. Don’t be ashamed to fire from the hip as well whenever necessary. Feel free to mess around with the other gadgets as well and see what kind of build will work best for you. Now go and shoot someone between the legs!

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