Gray Zone Warfare: Best Sniper Build Guide (One Shot)

BOOM, headshot!

If you want to be the best sniper in Gray Zone Warfare, you want to build your rifle so that you can take out enemies with one shot.

After all, what good is sniping if you can’t swiftly take out foes from a safe distance? One shot, one kill!

So, to help you out, we’ll tell you how to build a sniper rifle that is great for stealthily taking out hostiles with a single well-placed shot.

Best Sniper Build | One Shot All Enemies

Artisan and the Mosin Nagant | Gray Zone Warfare: Best Sniper Build Guide (One Shot)

Before we start diving into the nitty and gritty of the best sniper rifle setup, you will need to get Rank 2 Reputation with Artisan.

You can do so by completing the tasks she gives you, with Rank 2 requiring about 700 Reputation. Considering you get 100-200 Reputation per task, it shouldn’t take too long!

To help you out, we have a guide covering all of the tasks in the game. It’s primarily focused on the Mithras faction, but it should also help out for players from the other factions.

Marked Mosin Nagant items from Artisan

Once you’ve obtained enough Reputation with Artisan, you’ll need to purchase the following items from her:

  • Mosin (S)Make sure to purchase the longer and more expensive one. It should cost 2,120 USD and comes with better accessories than the 382 USD variant.
  • Mosin Magazine – Buy two or three for starters.
  • Tri-Rail – It’s a Sights/Scope part in the Weapon Parts category at the bottom.
  • Mosin Archangel – Improved Stock part for the Mosin, found in the Weapon Parts category.
Marked ACOG sight items from Gunny

When you finish shopping with Artisan, stay on the Vendors screen and check out Gunny’s shop. You’ll want to buy the following from him:

  • ACOG 4x – Sight/Scope part.
  • ACOG Mount – Required to be able to use the ACOG 4x Scope.

In total, you will spend about 4,500 USD to get the gun and all the parts. Fairly expensive, but well worth it!

But, now that we’re done shopping, it’s time to equip everything we got.

Modifying the Mosing-Nagant Sniper Rifle

Starting point for the best sniper build

Now, head over to the Character screen and inspect your newly bought Mosin (S) rifle. You’ll want to remove the following parts from it:

  • Mosin Stock
  • Mosin Magazine
  • PU 3.5X Sight
  • PU Rings
  • Kochetov Scope Mount
  • Mosin Rear
Removed the useless parts from the Mosin Nagant

Effectively, you’ll be left with the bare basics of the rifle, it should look like the image right above.

Now, simply equip the other parts you bought from Artisan and Gunny! As a reminder, you’ll need to equip the following in order:

  • Mosin Archangel Stock
  • Tri-Rail Scope Mount
  • Large Mosin Magazine – The ones you bought from Artisan, not the ones you just removed in the previous step.
  • ACOG Sight Mount
  • ACOG x4 Sight
The finished sniper build

The finished sniper rifle build for this Mosin-Nagant should look like the image above. It deals fantastic damage that allows you to one shot most enemies in Gray Zone Warfare, even with chest shots!

Additionally, it has a suppressor for stealth and is one of the most versatile scopes in the game. All in all, this is easily one of the best sniper builds you can have and is fairly easy to get.

Now you’re all set to start sniping your enemies before they even know you’re there! We have an awesome complete guide for All Mithras Tasks & Locations in Gray Zone Warfare, make sure to check it out!


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