Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – How To Do 500 Gold in Hollow Bough Hazard 3

We’re Rich I tell you, We’re rich!

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor - How To Do 500 Gold in Hollow Bough Hazard 3

Whatever the game is, we all know the value of gold in it. If we see gold we take it, to sell later or just to keep it and use it ourselves. From the oldest games to the newest, gold is still a currency we use and won’t stop.

In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, there’s the usual gold and nitra that you want to collect throughout the mission. Most of the time, they’re optional to get. But some biomes and hazard levels need you to get them for challenges.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get 500 gold in Hallow Bough for Hazard 3. We’ll go through some tips to help you get to 500 gold quicker and easier!

How To Do 500 Gold in Hollow Bough Hazard 3

The Hollow Bough is one of the more hated biomes in the first game and it’s still the one I hate on this game. One of the challenges that you can get in Hazard 3 for this biome is collecting 500 gold. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve that goal.

Choosing The Best Class For The Job

You’ll be doing a lot of mining not only for the gold, but sometimes for the side missions as well. Because of that, the Digger class with the Foreman Subclass is the best pick to try. That’s because the Digger class has a higher mining speed and with the Foreman, you can get buffs added to it!

SIDE NOTE: The Digger class is the last one you can unlock in the game. Here’s a guide on how to unlock classes in the game!

Try to get some Mining speed upgrades as well as you go through the dive. Just don’t focus on that too much, or you won’t have the damage to deal with the bugs!

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Digger Foreman

Do Side Missions

When you get to a level, you’ll see on the upper right of your screen what the side mission is. For the one below, it’s the Collect Morkite mission which is best for the digger. You can also get other missions like collecting flowers or mushrooms.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Side Mission

The reason why you’ll want to do this is that completing missions will give you a bunch of gold, so always try to do them. It’s possible to get 500 gold without doing them, but it’ll be a lot easier if you do.

Gold Scanner

One of the artifacts that you can get from the supply drops on each mission is the Gold Scanner. It gives you a small chance to find gold when you mine any kind of rock in the game!

Of course, it’s still RNG-based so you might not get it on every run. It is possible to not get this artifact and still get the 500 gold but having it will make it way easier!

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Gold Scanner

Pop The Loot Bugs

I know this might be a bit taboo for some people, especially the Deep Rock Galactic Veterans. The thing is we need the gold, and loot bugs can give us that. Every gold piece counts and they drop a couple when you kill them.

All you need to do is go near them and “mine” them. They’ll pop in a few seconds and spit out some Nitra and Gold for you.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Loot Bug

Use The Gold

After every level, you can go to the shop and spend that hard-earned gold. Don’t worry, it won’t reduce the total gold you’ve earned for the challenge. Use the gold to upgrade your weapons and get more bonuses, you’ll need it for the later levels!

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Shop

Following all of these tips you can easily get to 500 gold before you even get to the final level of the dive.

That’s how you can get 500 gold in Hallow Bough Hazard 3 for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Now, go out there and try it yourself! Are you wondering if the game can be played in Game Pass? Check out our article if Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor can be played on Game Pass!


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