Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – Complete Starter Guide

Classes, Milestones, and upgrades!

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - Complete Starter Guide

The new installation of the series, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, has just dropped and this is the starter guide for that. Players have been testing out various builds and strategies, but there’s a huge chunk that get very frustrated not knowing what they’re doing.

We’re sharing some beginner tips from leveling up, calling Supply Drops, to setting you up for endgame content. Let’s go!

Complete Starter Guide

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a shooting game, but unlike the predecessor first-person mode, Survivor employes a more relaxed gameplay. You have auto-shooter mode on at all times, making it easier to focus on other tasks like mining, leveling up, and more.

Here’s a quick look on your HUD in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor once you jump into a biome.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor HUD explanation.
  • The Progress Bar will continue to go up regardless if you kill the enemies or not. With each milestone reached, an event will happen, whether that’s Supply Beacon or Swarm.
  • There’s no full map.
  • Weapon Loadout continues to unlock more weapons as you level up while going through the stages.


There are 4 classes that you can choose from in the game, each able to carry with them 4 equipment. As you keep playing, you’ll unlock more classes the further you get into the game. But you always start with the Scout:

  • Scout: High Crit Damage.
  • Driller: Mines faster.
  • Gunner: High HP and Armor with decent Crit Damage.
  • Engineer: Use deployables.
All classes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

Weapon Loadout is what makes these classes very different. But you cannot really choose them when you’ve just started out. Level up to add a new weapon to your loadout when starting a game.

Check Achievements Regularly!

Achievements are the only way you can unlock many new things, including more weapons, gadgets, and skills. Keep track of the achievements which reward you want to do.

Time Your Supply Drop

One of the best ways to kill the Elite is making use of the Supply Drop. If you still remember from the previous game, Supply Pod was often used for serious strategies and meme kills.

Supply Beacon in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

The same can be used here as well. Make sure to clear up the area around the Supply Beacon and charge it up once you’re ready by standing in the indicated area. Supply Drop will instantly kill the Elite and enemies around it.

Deep Dive Level 5 (Dreadnought)

There’s a total of 5 levels of dive you can clear everytime you start a Hazard dive. Level 1-5 are pretty similar in Milestones as you just have to kill the bugs, collect the Supply Drop and kill the Elite. Rinse and repeat.

But Level 5 is unique in which you have to kill 3 Elites and the Dreadnought. The Elites appear in the form of eggs, so you can anticipate where they will come from. Make sure to clear the Elites fast so you can deal with Dreadnought separately.

While the Supply Drop can still hurt the Dreadnought, it only deal 50% damage. So unless you’re confident, you might want to just loot the Supply Drop as fast as you can.

Unlocking Biomes & Hazard Levels

You’re stuck with the Crystalline Cavers at Hazard level 1 when you just started out. Finish the challenges to gain the credits you need to unlock stages. Each Hazard has typically 3 challenges you can clear and they can be locked through specific class.

Challenges in each Hazard.

You can see how much you need to spend to unlock the next level. And new biomes will also open up later as you progress.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade!

The main core of the gameplay is mining and gunning. And after your first dive, you may soon realize that the game is a lot harder than you imagined. While the first patch has reduced the difficulty of the first round only and buffed Scout’s weapon, the rest of the game remains as challenging.

Upgrade your character!

After you mine things, you want to make use of those Credits and minerals to upgrade your character. There are 12 upgrades, ranging from increased HP regen, pickup radius, upgrade roll luck, and more.

You can also spend Credits to buy missing minerals! And that’s everything for the starter guide for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Good luck! Also, if you just started and are having issues with not being able to click anything after picking the scout, check out our guide on how to fix the class mod selection issue!


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