Deep Rock Galactic Survivor: How To Unlock Classes?

Where’s the engineer, gunner and driller?

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor How To Unlock Classes

Some games give you different classes to play at the start while others let you unlock them through progression. The latter often gives you a chance to do this through playing the game itself so you can naturally unlock them as you go.

In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, you’ll start the game with the scout class. For veterans of the first DRG game, you might wonder where the other 3 classes are. You’ll need to unlock them first!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can unlock the different classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor! Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get the other dwarves!

How To Unlock Classes?

For the players who have played the first game, you might go to Deep Rock Galactic Survivor thinking there’s something missing. You can only play as the scout at the start! Where are the other classes in the game like the (totally biased) best class which is the Engineer?

SIDE NOTE: Wondering if there’s multiplayer for this game just like their first one? Check out our article to see if Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has multiplayer!

To unlock the other classes in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, you’ll actually need to increase your Player Rank. You can do this by just playing the game with the scout and getting XP. The more you play, the higher your player rank will get.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Milestone Unlock Classes

As of now here are the player rank requirements to unlock the different classes:

  • Gunner – Player Rank 3
  • Engineer – Player Rank 5
  • Driller – Player Rank 7

NOTE: You can check your player rank by looking at the upper right corner of the screen when starting a new run.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Player Rank

You can check where you can unlock certain stuff in the game by going to the main menu and looking at “Milestones.” There are other unlockables in the game like new weapons, class mods and more so go check them out!

That’s how you can unlock the other classes in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Now, go out there and try to unlock all of them so you can Rock and Stone to the bone for Karl! If you’re completely new to the game go check out our complete beginner’s guide in DRGS for some tips!


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