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Roblox Derelict, that is inspired by Dark Souls, offers classic RPG mechanics and diverse character classes. If you aspire to become a Sorcerer in this dystopian world, read on our a Starter Guide For Becoming A Sorcerer in Roblox Derelict and kickstart your journey.

Starter Guide For Becoming A Sorcerer

Like in every RPG game, you begin as a humble and weak character. So if you’re looking forward to become the best in your chosen class, here’s your guide to starting your Dystopian journey as a Sorcerer.

Gideon and Percival

In order to begin your journey, talk to Gideon at Gideon’s Camp. He will assign starter quests that require you to gather wood, fish, and mine ores. Upon completing all his quests, you’ll earn a Bronze Dagger to equip as your weapon.

Afterwards, go talk to Percival located in a tree near the camp where Gideon was. He will assign you the task of eliminating Bandits and gathering 20-22 Pale Leather.

How to Find Soul Amalgam

Head to the encampment called Den of the Ravenous near Percival now. Look for a ramp connected to a watchtower. Here, you can acquire a Soul Amalgam necessary for crafting an improved weapon.

You have two options for using the Soul Amalgam you just obtained. An Oak Staff that needs x8 Pale Leather, x1 Soul Amalgam, and x6 Oak Log

Meanwhile, a Pine Staff needs x8 Tough Leather, x1 Soul Amalgam, and x6 Pine Log.

The Pine Staff boasts superior stats compared to the Oak Staff, but it requires a higher level of sorcery for equipping. It’s your call whether you want a weapon immediately or are willing to grind for a better one.

It is important to note that you only have theae two choices because the Soul Amalgam can only be found once. So you have to pick which weapon you’d use it for.

Getting the Materials

In order to craft the staffs, here’s how you get the materials: you can get Tough Leather from bandits in the Den of the Disillusioned.

Moreover, Pine Logs are often found in Hollow’s Pass from Pine Trees.

How to Get Crashing Embers

Teleport to Subjugation Stronghold to acquire the Crashing Embers spell, found in a chest atop the mountain. The chest can be reached by heading east, then northeast.

Once you get a notification about reaching Feeding Grounds while being in high ground, you’ll know you’re nearby.

Navigate your way to the summit, retrieve the Crashing Embers scroll, and use it from your inventory.

Return to the Bonsai location and, while interacting with it, select Abilities > Fire > Crashing Embers to equip the spell.

Easy Way to Level Up Sorcery

To rapidly advance your sorcery skills, your most effective strategy is to defeat the formidable Hell Snails.

Make sure to equip your staff. You can find the snails inside the pits at Subjugation Stronghold.

You’ll come across the huge bone structure, and you’ll find the pits by jumping the cliff from the western side. By defeating both the snails and their eggs, you’ll earn a lot of experience points.

What sets this method apart is the fast respawn rate of these creatures, making it the ultimate means to efficiently farm sorcery points.

Now, if you’re having difficulties having another Soul Amalgam for a stronger staff, here’s options you can try:

  • You can find one in the 2nd Bandit camp. It’s on the wooden gate/entrance/wall with spikes. You’ll have to climb up there by jumping on the hay bales on the inner side. There is going to be a chest, just like the first one.
  • Next, once you get Sorcerer level 21 and Crafting 21, you can do Baron’s quest at the Baron’s Tavern bonsai to get a Soul Amalgam. However, the quest is hard to complete because you’ll have to fight Asher, the Spell Merchant.

That sums up our starter guide for becoming a sorcerer in Roblox Derelict. If you have any questions, leave your comments and suggestions below.

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