DNF Duel: All Characters Ultimates & Victory Poses

Take a look at DNF Duel Characters Ultimates & Victory Poses!

DNF Duel Open Beta has been around for some time before its worldwide release on June 28. Each DNF Duel characters have their own unique ultimates and victory poses.

ItemLevel presents you DNF Duel characters ultimates and victory poses!

All Characters Ultimates & Victory Poses – DNF Duel

Each character of DNF Duel has their own ultimate moves cutscene and victory poses. All in all, the ultimates look awesome and are definitely an eye-candy!

Dragon Knight Victory Pose

The ultimate moves are uniquely animated for each characters according to their own personalities.

Take Hitman ultimate move as an example, taking down the opponent with barrage of sword slash and finishing the opponent with his dual submachine gun is simply mesmerizing to see.

Hitman’s Ultimate

The seamless transition between the victory pose and win menu is also breathtaking to see.

Vanguard’s victory pose shows his pride of wielding his spear/sword and Dragon Knight’s knightly yet kawaii pose with her dragonling really adds essence to their characters.

Check out Meloo’s video for all characters ultimates and victory poses!

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