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DNF Duel: Survival Mode Explained

How does the Survival Mode work?

Dungeon and Fighter, one of the world’s most popular and extensively played RPGs, is now available as a 2.5D action fighting game. Choose from ten endearing characters, each with its unique set of abilities and characteristics. Outwit, outplay, or in this case, survive the longest to be the best on the world’s scoreboard.

Survival Mode Explained – DNF Duel

Survival mode in DNF is sharing a lot of similarities with Arcade Mode.

It is a game-style mode where it involves fighting a huge string of opponents one after the other.

The big difference is that your HP carries over between rounds based on the score earned from previous fights that you had.

You can enter the Enhancement Store in-between rounds and purchase all sorts of random upgrades for your fighter. It can be something like:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Recovery of Mana Points
  • Strengthening Guard and more

Items that restore different amounts of health can also be purchased. The fun part is that you can focus on certain stats and develop a strategy that will work that will keep you alive the longest.

The very interesting thing is that the opponents will level up with you. They will become stronger and stronger after every round that you’ve won making it sometimes necessary to change your purchases and adapt to the current situation of opponents.

This will be a very fun mode to tackle on because every time you will beat yourself and other players on the scoreboard for who has survived the longest and taken down the most opponents. It will be a mode for only the strongest of the strong.

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