Does Orcs Must Die 3 Have Co-Op Matchmaking?

Will your friend help you decimate orcs?

The very fun orc-killing game is finally out for all the other consoles, having been a Stadia exclusive for the last year. Now players all over the world are ready to decimate all that stands in their way with a bit of strength and strategy. We all know that most action games are much more fun with the help of a friend, and that’s why you’re probably wondering if you can join another player in this tower defense game, and start killing those accursed orcs, once and for all.

Is Co-Op Available in Orcs Must Die 3?

Now that the game has evolved so much with its fourth installment, the hype for the action tower-defense video game has been really good.

The idea of Co-Op in games has been slowly dying in favor of the competitive style of multiplayer. The developers have quickly made it clear that there will be no Local Co-Op for this game. I know, pretty unfortunate.

But that wasn’t your question, right? The question was if there is any Matchmaking, Online Co-Op in this new release of Orcs Must Die 3.

And the answer is yes, there is. You can play the game’s campaign with a friend over the internet, destroying orcs left and right.

Unfortunately, it’s a maximum of 2 players, so if you wanted to join with a bigger group of friends, I am sorry to disappoint.

The two of you can build defenses together and fight the orcs using your War mage or Sorceress to keep back the orc invasion. Pretty neat indeed.

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