Farming Simulator 22: Best Autoload & Bale Storage Combo For Console

I didn’t know farmers were so rich!

Bale storage is an important mechanic in Farming Simulator 22 that allows you to store stacks of bale without worrying about them taking up additional space outside. This guide will focus on the best Autoload and Bale Storage Combos for the console version of the game.

Best Autoload & Bale Storage Combo

The problem with the storage facility in the base game is that often, when unloading the bales, some of them are transported on the roof. This is because the height of the building is smaller than the size of the bales stacked on each other, causing some of them not to get stored properly. With that said, here are the best option so you don’t come across these problems.

Bales on roof

Bale and Pallet Storage 1

The first mod is the Bale and Pallet Storage mod which is part of the VSR Modding set. The reason why this is preferred is because the building is capable of storing 750 bales.

First mod
Courtesy of Driver53 Gaming

Bale and Pallet Storage 2

Additionally, loading the bales is easy as right beside the building is an autoloading point. You just have to walk your trucks over it, and the bales are automatically stored.

Loading point

The one disadvantage of this facility is that you cannot drive inside it due to an invisible collision barrier.

Bale and Pallet Storage 3

There is a similar mod for smaller farms, but the problem is that the maximum capacity of each storage facility is 250 bales. That is one-third of the previous building, meaning that it is probable that you will run out of space quickly.

Second mod
Courtesy of Driver53 Gaming

Bale and Pallet Storage 4

The last mod we will look at is the Bale and Pallet Storage mod by Barney. It offers a building with a storage capacity of 750 bales. Moreover, it is slightly unconventional because the loading point is inside the building, which will result in problems loading bales with some vehicles.

Third mod
Courtesy of Driver53 Gaming

The issue of this building with the base game vehicle is that when preparing to load into a facility, the bales are positioned vertically. Hence when you are trying to reverse into the building, it results in a collision with the roof resulting in some bales positioned incorrectly.

Collision with back wall

With the lizard platform trailers, the same thing happens which is a collision, and the bales cannot be placed correctly. An alternative is to swing the bales inside while keeping the trailer horizontal. But still, this method is inefficient as although the bales are in the facility, not all are correctly stored.

Swinging bales inside before storing them

Moving on, the modular bed for semi-trucks fits perfectly in this facility, and all the bales are stored successfully. However, the drawback is that it can store only 18 bales.

Modular bed semi truck

Lastly, the 53 Foot Flatbed comes, which is also not a good option for this facility. The issue is the length of the trailer since it collides with the back wall of the facility. 

Collision with back wall

There is a way to store all the bales by unloading them just before the dropoff point and then slowly reversing inside. When the trailer collides with the wall, the bales at the front will be sent backward. But this isn’t an economical solution since the bales can also fall off. 

Bales swung backwards

Although these are the best options available for the console version, there is a mod for the PC version that allows players to store 1000 bales and walk inside the facility. Unfortunately this isn’t available for the console version. If you found this guide helpful let us know in the comments below.

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