F1 2021: How To Fix Error 2631071469:S

The goddamn EA servers!

With the F1 2021 releasing a few days ago, the fans have been dying for these beautiful graphics and seamless gameplay. And what is more fun than racing online with other players that tend to crash and make the race incredibly interesting? Nothing… So, a lot of gamers have been, rightfully so, very annoyed at the fact that they cannot enter the game network and join multiplayer games.

How To Fix Error 2631071469:S in F1 2021

If you’re thinking that maybe this is a console or PC-only problem, then you’re wrong. A lot of players, cross-platform, have been experiencing this issue this week.

Weirdly so, the servers for the F1 2020 game have also been down this week, so this seems to be a reoccurring problem.

So, before we conclude, as always, that EA has done something wrong, let’s see if you can’t fix this problem by yourself:

Reset Your Router

Since the game claims this to be a network problem. You can first check if you can use the internet on your console / PC. If you can’t, an easy, well-known problem solver is this one.

Resetting your modem. Just turn it off and on and wait for it to do its thing. After probably 3-5 minutes, the problem will be solved.

Now, if you didn’t have internet problems, but the game was saying there are, here is what you could do…

Check If The Servers Are Up

Pretty straightforward, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think of doing this.

Look upon your favorite search engine the game and see on their Twitter page or personal site if the game might be undergoing maintenance.

This happens very often, especially for online multiplayer games, so don’t be surprised when you get kicked out of servers at 2 AM.

Now, if nobody has said anything anywhere on the official network sites, then you might have stumbled into your last option.

Update the game

I could have said this one sooner, but it’s pretty obvious and people usually assume this might be the problem.

If you did not, look quickly to see if you might be lagging an update or two and get to work on it. Cause you will always need to be up to date if you want to play online.

If there is no update waiting for you and everything else hasn’t worked then:

Switch To A Wired Connection

Since playing through a Wi-Fi connection is known to be unstable and causes a wide variety of issues, if you’re doing so, try switching to a wired ethernet connection.

It is a simple troubleshooting method to see whether it is actually your unstable connection that is causing the issue. If it isn’t, then there isn’t really much else to do.

EA will probably fix it in the next update, but sometimes they forget to tell the players that the servers are down.

This might be the problem, as a lot of people have not been able to enjoy the online part of the game for a few days now.

Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.

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