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Does Subnautica Below Zero Have VR Support PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox

Can Subnautica be played in VR?

Huge oceans, deep sea creatures, the fear of the unknown and so many jump scares are the things that this first-person game can offer you. That being said, it showed potential for the game. Being able to explore the sights of the world and the depths of the ocean with your own eyes sounds like a truly unique experience. A team of modders also saw this potential. Despite all that this game has to offer, players always want more and want to get the most out of every game. This is where mods come into play. Subnautica below zero is an expansion of the original version and its main feature is the VR support which provides a completely different experience for every player.

VR Support for Subnautica Below Zero

So does Subnautica Below Zero have VR support? Yes, using mods this game can be played in VR on a PC. Players can play this expansion in VR by downloading and installing the game and the VR mod.

But here we are talking about hardcore gamers who are attached to their personal computers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for console fans.

You can play this game on consoles like any other game but you can not play it in VR mode because the consoles do not have VR support for Subnautica Below Zero.

Because it turned out to be difficult to launch this game in VR on console. Of course, the PS5 and PSVR 2 have high hopes that VR can be implemented for this game on their platforms, given the fact that the same mode exists for PCs but there is no official announcement yet from any console manufacturer.

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