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Subnautica Below Zero: Shipwreck Salvage Location

Where can you get the salvage item in Subnautica?

The ability to explore the open world in Subnautica Below Zero Shipwreck is its main feature. Gathering resources that can be used for crafting must be done during research because it is key to making progress in the game. A huge source of resources in this game are shipwrecks. Such a shipwreck that can be found and is full of crafting resources is Salvage. Although not easy to find, it is not impossible.

Shipwreck Salvage Location – Subnautica Below Zero

The shipwreck can be found in the water, 55, 0, -921 is its exact location. The front of the boat will be destroyed and there is enough space to get through and get inside the ship, of course that means you have to enter without the submarine.

When you enter the ship you should open the door on your left and climb the stairs that will take you to another door, when you open this door you will find the shipwreck salvage.

When you find the ship do not rush, use the time and search the ship as it is full of crafting resources. The shipwreck salvage can also be used for the radio tower in your base.

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