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Siege Survival Gloria Victis: Where to Get Water

Hydration is important in Siege Survival Gloria Victis!

Water is an essential necessity in Siege Survival Gloria Victis. It can be used for a whole assortment of things, but it’s mostly used for keeping players’ characters hydrated, which is very important, and failing to do so, might decrease characters’ efficiency, and sometimes worse. So, where to get water in Siege Survival Gloria Victis?

Where to Get Water – Siege Survival Gloria Victis

Water can be found in multiple places throughout the city, most of the time through resources that are found in the city. So, players must scavenge the city to find water.

Follow these steps to get water in Siege Survival Gloria Victis:

  1. Go outside the base

    Wait for night to come, and select ‘Scavenge the city’.

  2. Where to find water

    When hovering over the city’s parts, there will be prompt with a short description of the part of the city, and under it, there is a section about which resources can be found at that location.

  3. Go to a part which has the most water

    The location with the most water is ‘The Golden Corner’ but it might be locked depending on how far you have progressed. If it is locked, go to the Marketplace.

  4. Search through rubble

    There, collect resources by clicking on the hand icon, in the rubble. From these, players can get either dirty water or regular water.

  5. Dirty water can be boiled to make normal water

    Dirty water can be boiled on an upgraded fireplace, and it can be safe to drink afterwards.

Other than that, there are also other places in the game where players can get water. For example, wells are great for getting a lot of water, but they need to be built.

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