Ziggurat 2: How To Change Difficulty During A Campaign

Start rebuilding the Ziggurat!

As the heretics and the mages break out into a war, the lands. The heretics cast a powerful spell that breached the Ziggurat, letting most enemies and monsters loose. Now, mages and wizards alike aim to rebuild the Ziggurat once again. 

What is Ziggurat 2?

Ziggurat 2 is a roguelike game that focuses on using spells and weapons to defeat enemies. You will be exploring dungeons and labyrinths with randomly generated treasures and dangers. You can also go back to the Citadel and recruit allies and improve your spells and weapons to venture deeper into the labyrinth. 

How to Change Difficulty During a Campaign

There are 5 different Difficulty settings in Ziggurat 2. You can choose between Novice, Apprentice, Scholar, Master, and Arch-Mage. Arch-Mage is the most difficult setting and Novice is the easiest one. You can change the difficulty of the campaign anytime you want. 

 To change the difficulty during the campaign, press CTRL on the mage tower screen. You will also see a difficulty button on the bottom right of the screen when you are switching from the main menu and going to the campaign mode or classic mode. 

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