Does Ziggurat 2 Have VR Support?

Do we have some POV?

You like destroying mobs of enemies left and right with magic, blasts and other crazy ammunition and weapons, right? Because Ziggurat 2 just came out a few days ago and the fun you can have in this great roguelike is off the charts! But do we have the chance of playing this really intense and hectic game with our nice VR headset? Is support implemented in this game or do we have to look for a roundabout way to do this? Let’s see…

Does It Have VR Support? – Ziggurat 2

Ziggurat 2 has just been released a few days ago and there is only one thing you dear reader want to know about it: can you use your VR headset to experience this really fun FPS…

Well, the answer is pretty simple: Yes and No.

VR Support has not been implemented in the game, so if you hoped to just start up the game through your SteamVr, you’d be disappointed.

However, there is a way to do this if you are keen on playing with your VR. If you use the popular vorpX application, you can choose a configuration for the game and you’ll be able to boot it up properly.

Just search for the “Ziggurat” in your Cloud Profiles and you’ll find one for Ziggurat 2 as well. Once imported, you can start up the game through your SteamVr.

SInce these are personalised settings for the game in the VR mode, do not expect this to be perfect. This is not a professionally made VR version of the game.

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