Dragonheir Silent Gods: Best Ice & Necrosis Rare Heroes Tier List

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Dragonheir Silent Gods: Best Ice & Necrosis Rare Heroes Tier List Featured Image

In Dragonheir Silent Gods, it’s important to know the best heroes available for the right team composition and scenario. If you’re looking forward to building either an Ice or Necrosis team with Rare Heroes, I got you covered! Here’s a tier list which ranks them from best, to worst.

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Best Ice & Necrosis Rare Heroes Tier List

Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective, and my opinions might not align with yours. Team synergy and conditions can greatly affect a hero’s effectiveness. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Best Ice & Necrosis Rare Heroes Tier List


  • Usha – She stands out as a top pick, as she can apply Frost on her own and deals significant damage with her ultimate.
  • Meggan – She plays a good job in maintaining your team’s health and dealing with debuffs, making her a valuable addition to any lineup.


  • Tioh – He emerges as a standout hero, not just among Summoners but in the overall roster. What sets him apart is his invaluable 30% attack boost, which applies to all your allies. Even if you’re not running a full Summoner team, his aura alone makes him a good addition to your team.
  • Adrie – She has quickly become a favorite among players due to her exceptional kit. While her abilities may not initially sound exciting, they offer great utility.
  • Fitz – This hero excels at dealing with debuff-heavy situations, offering durability and support for his team. While he may not be the most versatile tank, his unique abilities can be a game-changer in the right scenarios.
  • Rephe – With a powerful ultimate dealing 700% damage and a battle skill that can apply a substantial decrease attack debuff, Ref is a versatile addition to your team, especially in situations where crowd control is effective.
Dragonheir Silent Gods Ice & Necrosis Gameplay


  • Uloar – She is a versatile hero with a unique skill set. Though she only excels in specific boss fights and harder content.
  • Gulal – Not only does he deal impressive DPS with his ultimate, but he also brings a summon to the table, further bolstering his utility. Additionally, Gulal can apply the decrease attack debuff effectively. He’s a valuable asset to any Ice and Necrotic team, offering both damage and utility.
  • Zethos – His battle skill boasts a 100% chance to apply Frost, making him a reliable source of this debuff. Zos’s ultimate also packs a punch with a 100% Frost application rate. While he excels at what he does, he might not be the cornerstone of your team but certainly deserves consideration.
  • Loris – She is a solid choice for players aiming to create an ice-themed team or those looking to add more crowd control to their lineup. However, there are stronger tank options available for different scenarios.
  • Vasska – He brings a unique blend of damage and sustainability to the table. While he’s not exclusively in the Summoner category, his AOE damage and summoning ability make him a versatile option for your team.
  • Eleuia – She is a fantastic support for Summoners. Her ultimate grants an attack and attack speed boost to both allies and summoned units, making her an excellent choice for enhancing your overall team’s damage output.
  • Vojeh – He boasts an AOE skill with a 100% chance to apply Frost and has an accuracy boost which helps in landing those crucial debuffs. There are lots of better options, so only consider him if you need a dependable Frost hero to round out your team.
  • Forbrit – His utility lies in his crowd control abilities and team-wide aura. He’s a good choice for players looking to create an ice-themed team or seeking additional crowd control effects. However, there are more potent tanks available for other situations.
Dragonheir Silent Gods


  • Edgar – He excels at soaking up damage but lacks the ability to support the team actively. Depending on your needs, you may prefer other tanks with better utility.
  • Gusni – His battle skill extends debuff durations when enemies are Frozen, but the overall synergy of his kit can be challenging to work with. Gushi may require careful consideration and specific team compositions to shine.
  • Wilt – This hero is consistent with Frost application. However, he is not ideal to be the centerpiece of your team, as there are lots of better options for your Frost heroes.
  • Korth – He is primarily a support for summoner teams, offering a boost to attack and attack speed for summoned units. While being one-dimensional as a hero, Eleuia does his job better than him, which gives no reason to pick him.

That sums it up for this Best Ice & Necrosis Rare Heroes Tier List in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Were you able to find the ideal hero for your team? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Dragonheir Silent Gods: Best Fire & Poison Rare Heroes Tier List Featured Image

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Best Fire & Poison Rare Heroes Tier List

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