Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

A mysterious oxcart is hoarding Pawns… time to investigate!

“The Phantom Oxcart” quest is one of the dozens of unique quests you’ll be able to do in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and it directly ties to an Arisen’s best friend: Pawns.

There are rumors about some strange Oxcart appearing at night and hoarding Pawns. But why are they doing that? Some sinister must be afoot!

As an Arisen, it’s your duty to get to the bottom of this mystery and put a stop to any shady dealings you find. So, read on and we’ll tell you how to start and complete this quest!

The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide | How to Start

Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide - Start

To be able to start “The Phantom Oxcart” quest, you should first complete the “Nation of the Lambent Flame” story quest.

This quest will take you to the city of Bakbattahl. Once you complete the quest and reach Bakbattahl, you should return to Vernworth.

Now, there are two distinct ways to trigger the start of the “The Phantom Oxcart” quest.

Wilhelmina Location | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

The first one is to speak with Wilhelmina at the Rose Chateau Bordelrie in Vernworth. It’s in the southern part of the city.

Wilhelmina starts the quest

Wilhelmina will tell you about the Phantom Oxcart, beginning the quest.

Eavesdropping | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

Alternatively, you can get the quest from eavesdropping on two Oxcart drivers in Vernworth. You can find the NPCs hanging out and talking on either the eastern or western Oxcart stations.

Quest started after listening to the cart drivers

Listen to them talk about a mysterious Oxcart that appears at night and you’ll officially start the quest.

Whichever method ends up working for you, it’s now time to dive into the quest itself!

Finding the Truth Behind the Phantom Oxcart

Phantom Oxcart location | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

Now that you’ve properly started the quest, you should wait for nighttime and then go to the area marked on your map. It’s northeast of Vernworth, not too far from the city itself.

The Phantom Oxcart at night

You should spot a unique Oxcart with blue lights along the road in the marked area. It’s pretty easy to spot, thanks to its unique lights!

Approach the so-called Phantom Oxcart and a cutscene will play out. You’ll witness a soldier talking with the Phantom Oxcart’s driver, showing you that there’s something odd going on.

Chase down the soldier!

After the cutscene, your goal is to chase down the soldier and speak with him. Sadly, the Phantom Oxcart will leave, so just focus on the soldier!

Decide Navil's fate

After an extremely short chase sequence, the soldier will turn around and speak with you. Interrogate him and find out what’s going on with the Phantom Oxcart.

You’ll get two options at this point, as follows:

  • “Accept his gold and let him go.” – You’ll receive 5000 Gold as a bribe from the soldier and he’ll then run away into the darkness of night.
  • “Escort him to Vermund.” – You’ll take the soldier and escort him to Vermund’s gaol. You don’t get a reward, but it’s nice to see a criminal behind bars!

Neither option impacts the quest, so you’re free to choose whichever one you want.

Either way, you’ll receive the Merchant’s Document as proof of the shady dealings surrounding the Phantom Oxcart.

Pursue the Phantom Oxcart

The Stardrop Inn Location | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

Now that you have proof of the Phantom Oxcart’s shady dealings and existence, it’s time to head back to Vernworth. More specifically, go to The Stardrop Inn in the center of town at nighttime.

Telling Brant about the Phantom Oxcart

Speak to Brant at the counter and choose to tell him about the Phantom Oxcart, then give him the Merchant’s Document.

Brant will advise you to pursue the Phantom Oxcart and see where it leads.

After all, they’re gathering a bunch of Pawns. But why are they doing that? What’s their ultimate goal? Are they just annoyed that Pawns won’t stop opening chests?

To find out, wait for nighttime once again.

Phantom Oxcart's location again

Now, head to the same spot from before, on the path northeast of Vernworth. You’ll spot the Phantom Oxcart along the road, just like before.

Spotting the Phantom Oxcart as a "Pawn"

Before you approach it, you have two options on how to deal with it:

  • Tail it. – Use the cover of night and slowly follow the Oxcart, making sure you’re not seen. This can be very tricky, though, due to all the nighttime enemies!
  • Disguise yourself as a Pawn. – The easiest of the two options. Unequip all your armor and weapons, then approach the Phantom Oxcart’s driver. He’ll think you’re a pawn, allowing you to enter the cart.
  • Additionally, this second method will also unlock the “Are We There Yet?” trophy!
Talk with the Oxcart driver | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

We strongly recommend disguising yourself and getting on the cart. When you do, you just have to wait until it reaches its destination!

Infiltration success!

If the cart is attacked by enemies and you’re forced to fight, make sure you don’t equip weapons or you’ll ruin your “disguise”. Let the other Pawns do most of the fighting and you’ll be alright.

Welcome Back to Bakbattahl

Dealing with the city guards.

At long last, the Phantom Oxcart will reach its destination at Bakbattahl. You and the other Pawns will be taken out of the cart and checked out by the guards.

The guards will attack you, but you have to maintain your disguise: do not fight back. Their punches might sting, but you just have to bear with it for a moment!

Once you’re let into the city, yet another cutscene will play out. At this point, the guards will realize that you’re not really a Pawn. Took them a while, huh?

Fighting back, at last.

You’ll now have to fight the guards, so quickly pause the game and equip all of your gear again.

This fight can be tough, as you’ll be surrounded by enemies.

Labor Requisition Orders drop

Take down all the guards and you’ll receive the Labor Requisition Orders key item. With that, you now have full proof of what’s going on with the Phantom Oxcart and its dealings.

Brant Rewards the Arisen | Dragon's Dogma 2: How To Complete The Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

All that’s left is for you to return to Vernworth and meet up with Brant once again. Give him the Labor Requisition Orders and you’ll complete “The Phantom Oxcart” quest!

You’ll get 4000 XP, 14500 Gold, and the Ring of Momentum. This equippable accessory boosts your maximum Stamina while worn.

But, there you have it, now you know everything you need to start and complete the “The Phantom Oxcart” quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2! Always nice to bust down some criminals, right?


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