Type Soul: Best Schrift Tier List

Join the Quincy faction and get your schrift!

Get involved in this Bleach inspired Roblox game called Type Soul where you get to roleplay as one of the main three character races: Quincy, Shinigami and Hollow. The game also has in store a deep combat and immersive questlines for you to explore and discover hidden secrets. 

Schrift is a sub part of the Quincy faction development and if you’re a part of the Quincy faction and you want a Tier List of the Best Chrifts you’re in the right place! Even if you simply want to learn more about who you’re dealing with as opponents, this article will help you. So let’s get started. 

Best Schrift Tier List

A little more detailed explanation of what a schrift is, is that it’s an exclusive combat ability for the Quincies faction. It resembles the Shinigami’s Shikai but with its own completely different attacks. Acquiring the schrift requires the players to do a lot of hunting. 

Best schrift Tier list in Type Soul

There are many powerful schrifts but not all are on the same level (many even come really close!). If you have yet to get yours, we have something to help you. Check out this guide on How To Get SCHRIFT in Type Soul!

The type of schrift you get is random so we hope you get your coolest or favorite ones. All schrifts have their perks and if you’re a skilled player, you don’t need to worry about which schrift you need to dominate the game!

Without further Ado, let’s get into the Tier list. 

S Tier

  • Superstar

The schrift ranked at the highest is Superstar. The T move does a powerful slash that sends the opponent flying. The star flash move pushes multiple enemies at once while dealing loads of damage. It’s very difficult to block and dodge. 

  • Glutton

The Devour move summons a long mouth with sharp teeth from your weapon to damage your enemies with a chomp and the Maw move is a long range attack that shoots enemies from a distance. You can stay in its vault for long periods. 

  • Miracle

Miracle is a powerful ability, it almost makes you unkillable. Miracle allows you to deal damage and knockback both at long range and at close range. With the Low Ruler, you can blind the enemy as you produce a spear that splits into three. 

A Tier

  • Visionary

Visionary summons a storm of meteors your opponents way. The second move summons multiple guns facing your opponent that rapidly fires at them. 

  • Balance

Balance is a 0.5% Mythical. The first move is almost a basic slash, and the second move is the balance. 

  • Compulsory

The first move is a wide shot pull, but doesn’t multi hit and it uses three fourths of a bar. The second move is a high damage grab that uses around 2 bars and four and a half bars of posture

B Tier

  • Power

The diamond kick in Power is a good extender and covers a decent range of the battlefield while dealing damage. The second move called ground flip attacks you from the ground sending you and other rubbles and rocks flying to the air. 

  • Heat

Getting heat is common with an 87% roll rate. This ability lets you shoot fire projectiles from your hand. With the flame blade, you can lunge forward with your blade that deals AOE damage. It’s very difficult to block. 

  • Fear

With Fear, you can dash towards your enemy and with a dramatic slow effect applied, quickly punch them. The Impale ability also lets you slam into the ground to summon three thorn projectiles. This will cause your enemy to ragdoll (also in a Slow effect). This ability can also be easily blocked, which is why it was given B. 

C Tier 

  • Thunderbolt

Acquiring thunderbolt is rare with a 10% roll rate but it also doesn’t rank too high up. Thunderbolt has a ranged bow move that deals a good amount of damage and has an overhead hyper armor slash. 

  • Wind

The wind is good at farming bosses but not too special aside from that. With this ability, you can slash your enemies with wind, lifting them into the air.  With Tear as its sub ability, you can also pull your enemy towards you or push them away from you. Acquiring wind is common with an 87% roll rate. 

D Tier

  • Iron

Iron unfortunately ranks the lowest at D Tier. Iron lets you blow three little kicks and sends your opponent flying to the right side. The second move lets you pull your opponent toward you so you can grab him and slam him to the ground. 

So, there you have it. You also learn that each schrift has their own unique moves that work with specific people, so it all comes down to your style of combat!

If this guide was informative for you, you can also check out Type Soul: AFK World Complete Guide while you’re here!


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