Escape Room Level 23 Guide Roblox

This game really likes their false walls!

Escape Room Level 23 Guide Roblox

Puzzles in video games can be quite crafty on how they can be challenging. From simple jumping puzzles to jigsaw and even multi-level puzzles there are a lot of them.

And in Escape Room, each level has a puzzle that you need to solve to get to the next one. Level 23 is one of those levels that look obvious but can be quite deceiving. The actual solution to this puzzle is pretty hidden!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can finish Level 23 of the Escape Room. There’s a bunch of lasers so make sure you’re good with moving around in the game!

Level 23 Guide | Roblox

When you get to Level 23 of the game, you’ll notice that there are a lot of lasers around. The premise of this room is simple enough, touch the lasers and you die so let’s not do that.

Instead, go through the room avoiding the lasers, you might want to jump over some of them.

You’ll reach this point shown below where there’s a box and a laser pointed at it. Next, to the box is a set of lasers that can’t be jumped over or maneuvered around.

What you’ll need to do is jump on the box without touching the laser and then use it to jump over.

Escape Room Box Jump Over

Once you’re on the other side of the wall of lasers, you’ll see another one. This time there’s no box to help you go through it so what’s the solution?

Well, this game loves its false walls and to the right is one you can go through. Just walk through it and you’ll find a way around the lasers.

Escape Room False Wall

Once you’ve done that you can go and continue to the next Level 24! Now hopefully, they won’t do false walls again, Spoiler Alert: they will still do it.

There’s another hidden wall incoming, so here’s a detailed guide on how to beat level 26!

That’s the solution for Level 23 of Escape Room. Go out there and try the solution yourself. Good luck with the other rooms of the game!

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