Escape Room: Level 36 Guide | Roblox

Escaping the fire.

Escape Room: Level 36 Guide | Roblox

New levels were added to Escape Room and we will show the way for Level 36 particularly. Escape Room levels can be complicated and lengthy, but also sometimes short and frustrating. This level is the latter and you may have been getting stuck, so without further ado, here we go.

Level 36 Guide

The floor is lava in this level and your goal is to find the exit to the next level. And the answer is inside the largest fire pillar. You may have thought that getting across to the stair is the answer.

But all that does is reveal the hint which is that something seems off about one of the fire pillars.

Follow the route as shown below. Go around the pillar and get in from the NPC’s side.

Escape Room: Level 36 pathway

If you fall off while walking the invisible way, you’ll only be teleported to the start of the level. Keep going until you’re close to the other side past the pillar.

You can’t see it, but going through the largest pillar from this side will reveal a set of ladders. Just climb up and you will reach Level 37 that way!

Escape Room: Level 36 pathway

And that’s the guide for Level 36 of Roblox game Escape Room! Up next, why not check the guide for Level 40?

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