Grime: What Happens If You Die?

Is this the end? IS IT?

A new, interesting game called Grime has just come out on the 2nd of August and is getting old Metroidvania players all around the world hyped. The maps are very intricate, with hidden rooms and doors all over the place and weird but dangerous bosses and enemies gives the 2d genre a good and fresh breath of air. But, some player might be wondering, what will happen to them the moment they hit the ground and don’t come back. Let’s all find out together.

What Happens If You Die – Grime

So you’re gaining powers left and right, and are decimating the monsters like there is no tomorrow. You’re looking really powerful and ready to face almost anything!

But the next boss looks really big and you don’t know if you should risk it… What if it kills you? Will you lose all your powers? Will you just respawn like nothing happened?

Let me give you an easy answer. You should risk that fight. There is almost nothing that you lose if you die and have to get back up again to fight.

What you lose every time you die is half of your ardor. You know… Ardor? The thing that multiplies how much mass you gain when killing enemies?

So that means you’ll level up a bit slower in your new life. But no worries, my good friend, since you gain it back really fast and you’ll be back on your killing row in no time!

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