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Factorio: How to Install Mods – MacOS

There are unbelievable player-made mods, but how can players experience them?

There is no getting around it; in terms of how vast Factorio is, the case for it being one of the most complicated and enormous simulator games out there could be made. However, players take it even further by introducing mods into the mix. There is a huge number of mods, but how to install mods in Factorio, especially on a Mac? Read on to know how!

How to Install Mods in Factorio on MacOS

Since the game doesn’t have a Steam Community Workshop, the developers introduced mods into the game. There was also an official page made for mods, where players can share their own creation, or browse other modifications available.

There are two methods of installing mods in Factorio. The first one is:

  1. Open Factorio.
  2. When in the main menu, navigate to Mods.
  3. Then, click the ‘Install’ button.
  4. All mods that are available for installation will be listed. Choose one, and install it.

Time needed: 8 minutes

However, in some cases, the mods won’t be listed in the Factorio mod menu. Also, it is pretty frustrating to navigate, so players can download mods elsewhere, like the official mods’ webpage, and install them manually:

  1. Find a mod that you like either on the official page for mods, or somewhere else.

  2. Download the mod.

  3. Go to this path on your Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Factorio/mods.

  4. Then, drag and drop the mod.

NOTE: Don’t unzip the mod file, as it needs to be zipped to be installed.

Then, once you have the mod transferred to that location path, you can open Factorio, and use that particular mod.

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