FIFA Mobile 22: Manager Mode Complete Guide

From team player to team manager!

FIFA Mobile 22 Manager Mode Complete Guide

The FIFA games have always been a huge success in the casual gamer market and for good reason, the games themselves offer a window to one of the most famous sports in the world. Not only that but with the combination of a low skill floor and the chance of using one’s favorite player and it’s a recipe for a great and lasting game. Despite the numerous bugs and glitches that are sometimes found in previous iterations of the FIFA games, there are still a lot of people that enjoy it. For FIFA Mobile 22, players now get to enjoy a new mode of playing the game, through the manager mode. In this guide we’ll show you the basics of this new mode.

Manager Mode Complete Guide For FIFA Mobile 22

FIFA Mobile 22 has a new mode, and that’s the Manager Mode! This mode enables you to play the game from a different side of football, through tactics and planning instead of just the player-to-player action. Experience the wonders of managing your entire team to success with this new mode.

Once you start the mode, you’ll first need to set the team’s tactics. There are 4 preset tactics to choose from, Attacking, Control, Counter and Defensive. If you don’t like the presets there is also the custom tactic where you can fine tune the things you want the team to focus on.

Source: Djmixfoo – YouTube

You can pick the tactic you think works best with your team. Or you could make your own through the custom option. The next thing you’ll need to set up is the formation, this is just as important as your tactics and be set according to the tactic you chose.

Source: Djmixfoo – YouTube

If you have substitutes remember to set them up as well. They’re always useful in any tactic or formation you choose.

Source: Djmixfoo – YouTube

Don’t worry if you’re not so sure about the tactic you’re using for the match. When the match starts you can actually change your tactic mid-game so that you can adapt to your opponent.

Source: Djmixfoo – YouTube

And that’s the basics of the new Manager Mode. Congratulations, you now know how to play this new mode, now go out there and try it yourself. Many thanks to Djmixfoo for making video on the Manager mode for FIFA Mobile 22. If you want to see his great custom tactic check his video here: MANAGER MODE GUIDE TO FIFA CHAMPION | TIPS ON BEST TACTICS & FORMATION | FIFA MOBILE 22 – YouTube

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