FIFA Mobile 22: Flight Path Chapter F2P Guide Summer Vacation Event

New season, new event!

FIFA Mobile 22 Flight Path Chapter F2P Guide Summer Vacation Event

Games like FIFA might look simple at first, it is a franchise that had a game for each year. Some people may think that a game that has had the same formula for years and years can get boring. This may be true for those who don’t actually enjoy the sport or the game, but FIFA games usually have something to spice up gameplay from time to time, and that’s events. There are seasonal events scattered throughout the year that keeps the game fresh for the players. Each of these events has certain objectives and goals you need to accomplish and often these can be achieved through different ways in the game. In this guide we’ll show you how the Summer Vacation Event in FIFA Mobile 22 plays out.

Flight Path Chapter F2P Guide For FIFA Mobile 22: Summer Vacation Event

FIFA Mobile 22 now has the Summer Vacation event, and with it comes a lot of prizes and freebies even for the Free to play players out there! In order to get these prizes, you need to do some specific things so that you can progress through the event. To unlock the prizes, you need to have Flight Points.

These flight points are used to unlock the nodes on the flight path with each node giving you rewards. At certain points in the path, you’ll get players, so try your best to get as much flight points as possible!

To get flight points you need to do Daily Skill games. As the name implies, these games reset every day so to make the most out of it you should complete these skill games before the end of the day. Don’t worry, unlike normal matches, Skill Games are quicker and often only taking a couple of minutes.

At the end of the daily skill game line should be the milestones. Make sure to get those as well!

Another great way to get Flight Points is through daily quests. Like the daily skill games, daily quests reset every day. These however might take more time than the skill games but it’s all worth it for those flight points!

There is also the Star Pass Flight Pass for those who want more of those points. There’s a generous amount to get from here for the free pass so don’t forget about that too!

In the Flight path you might see this setup like the image below.

To actually get the player in the middle you first need to get the players at both sides, so keep that in mind.

At the end of the flight path is also the flight reward. You can pay flight points here and have a chance to get certain players. A great way to spend you extra flight points.

And that’s about all that is to the Free to play players for FIFA 22 Mobile. Congratulations, you now know the ins and outs of the event, now go out there and get your points!

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