Wartales: How To Fish | Fishing Guide

Expand Your Knowledge And Learn To Fish

Wartales is an open-world game, which is pretty dark. Specifically, the map is surrounded by darkness. You need to explore it and look for the anger that is needed to survive. One of the essential things is food and for that the fishing is useful.

How To Fish | Fishing Guide Wartales

In many RPG games, fishing is essential, Wartales is no exception.

So how you can learn to fish in Wartales?

 In the beginning, you will need to make a fishing hook in the Workshop. 

You will need Iron Ore for this, craft Iron Ore and you will have a fishing hook. 

Hunting spots are shown on the water. Remember it takes one of the mercenaries to develop the ability to fish. 

When you start hunting, the number of available fish, as well as hooks, is noted in the lower part of the screen. Left-click on the water and you will start with the start fishing. 

The goal is to keep the icon in the dark part of the scale. 

Specifically, the icon for the fish should not cross the red part of the scale. You will do this by occasionally pressing the left mouse button. 

Hold the icon in the middle and the fishing will be successful. Fishing helps to feed yourself and your mercenaries.

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