Fire Force Online: Devil’s Foot Guide

Set them on fire

Fire Force Online categorizes individuals based on their familiarity and control over the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. Upon entering the game, it assigns you to one of three generations. Generation 3 has the ability to emit fire directly from their bodies, and one of these abilities is known as the Devil’s Foot. If you want to learn more about this skill, check out our guide on the Devil’s Foot in Fire Force Online.

Devil’s Foot Guide

The developers have recently introduced the Devil’s Foot as a brand-new ability for Generation 3. In the following discussion, we will delve into all the fresh skills associated with this ability. Let’s jump right in and explore its exciting features!

Devil’s Foot Skills

  • Outburst – The user swiftly approaches the enemy, flying towards them. With a firm grip, they seize the enemy by the throat, momentarily choking them, and then release their hold. The enemy can block this action.
  • Devilish Drop – The user launches themselves into the air and forcefully slams down. This generates a powerful impact that breaks through blocks.
  • Devil Spin – The user performs a spinning kick aimed at their opponent. Strategically using this move to escape from any ongoing combos that might have caught them.
  • Breakdance – The user energetically erupts into a breakdance. Skillfully incorporating powerful kicks that culminate in a blazing finishing move. Capable of striking down anyone in their path.
  • Heatburst – While performing a drop kick, the user unleashes a tremendous surge of flames from their feet, creating a fiery spectacle that adds both force and intensity to their attack.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about this Generation 3 ability, Devil’s Foot. We hope you learned a lot from our guide. If you have comments or suggestions, leave a comment down below!

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