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How to Turn Off PS5 Startup Beep Sound

Let your neighbors sleep in peace.

Sony PS5

It’s been years since PS5 has been released, and for years, the beep sound when starting has annoyed players. Sony has announced a firmware update, which finally includes the option to mute the beep at the start. For the players that get the update, this article will show you how to turn off the startup beep sound. Let’s jump right into it!

How To Turn Off Startup Beep Sound

If you got the update and downloaded it follow the steps below to turn off the beep:

  • Go to your PS5’s “Settings.”
  • Select “System.”
System Settings
  • Select “Beep Sound.” This step is only available for the users that has the latest update.
Beep Sound
  • Toggle “Mute Beep Sound” to turn off the annoying sound.

If you don’t want to completely mute the sound, you can adjust the volume as well. In the Beep Sound page, you can adjust the volume of the beep by selecting “Volume” and choosing between low, medium, or high.

This concludes our guide on how to turn off PS5 startup beep sound. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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