Flameplume Starflowers Part 1 Guide | Genshin Impact

It’s time to smelt some fireworks!

Lantern Rite is back and it is famous for its beautiful fireworks in Liyue. This time around, you can make the fireworks yourself! This guide will show you how you can smelt fireworks and complete the Flameplume Starflowers event.

Flameplume Starflowers part 1 — Genshin Impact

Before you can complete the event, you need to get the Launch Tube gadget first. Once you have the gadget, place it on the field and select Smelt Firework. You will see the list of fireworks you can smelt for the Flameplume Starflowers challenge.

Let us start smelting with the Mountain Clouds Let Down Golden Rain. Use the tactile sensitivity smelting techniques on the left and click on the color.

Do a single smelt until you reach the colored line as shown in the photo above. Perform the same thing with the size.

Click on the height and use the Decisive Boldness technique once. Complete the smelting and you should have a high-quality firework.

Next, let us smelt the Silver Night is Full of Stars firework. Click on the color tab and use tactile sensitivity as the smelting technique.

Single Smelt until you reach the line. Select the size and use the Decisive Boldness smelting technique and smelt twice. Switch the technique to Nitpicker and smelt once.

Now select the height and use the Decisive Boldness technique, smelt once then switch over to Tactile sensitivity. Smelt once again and complete the smelting to achieve a Perfect Quality rating.

If your quality rating reaches 1500 and above, you will get 30 Primogems as a reward.

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