For The King 2 All Character Stats Explained & How To Find Them

Make sure your characters work on things they are best at!

For The King 2 All Character Stats Explained & How To Find Them

Each character in For The King 2 has 7 different stats assigned to them. Depending on their role in a party, some stats may be higher than others for that one class. For example, a front-row character is more likely to have more health stats than a back-row class.

The stats that your characters have will determine whether they will be successful at one action compared to another. In this guide, we will help you learn more about the core character stats and how you can use them to your advantage as you progress further into the game.

All Character Stats Explained & How To Find Them

In your character creation menu or your equipment view, you can see the stats for your characters. You can see a total of 7 different stats a character has.

These stats are Strength, Vitality, Awareness, Intelligence, Luck, Speed and Talent.

  • Strength: This is your physical power, which helps you increase accuracy when using a bladed weapon. You’ll also have greater success chance for physical challenges.
  • Vitality: The stat determines your endurance and HP levels.
  • Intelligence: This increases your accuracy with staff and wand weapons. You’ll also have a better chance of solving puzzles in the Overworld.
  • Awareness: This affects your bow and polearm usage. You’ll also have a better chance of performing an ambush or avoiding one.
  • Talent: Gives you better accuracy for certain weapons, trap disarming, and better boat movement.
  • Speed: This stat allows you to move efficiently, such as combat frequency, seeking, fleeing, evasion or other crucial skills
  • Luck: This affects the game of chance and other challenges that cannot be focused. Most characters in the game have a luck rate of 55, which can only be increased further by buffs and items.
For The King 2 Stats

For example, a character with a high Vitality stat will perform better with the Hammer weapons. When you inspect the weapon, you can see a stat associated with it.

In this case, Awareness will work great with the 6 Foot Pole (Polearm) and Vitality is better for the Smith Hammer weapon.

For The King 2 Weapons

Depending on the character you use, go for items that help you boost the right stats. For example, if you are an Alchemist, prioritize actions with Intelligence. You can also further increase your character’s stats with the Gifted Trait, which provides a +3 increase to all stats.

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