How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2 & What They Do

8 unique traits to buff your party in all battles!

How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2 & What They Do

For The King 2 involves a whole lot of turn-based combat against enemies. This requires you to have the right characters, the right items, and equipment to increase your chances of winning. During your runs, you’ll also want to know more about the current Traits available in-game.

Traits are powerful buffs you can give to your characters. During the Loadout phase, you can assign these traits to your party depending on how many Loadout points you have. Each Trait will provide a different effect, and before you get to use them, you will need to unlock them first.

How To Unlock All Traits & What They Do

There are currently 8 Traits in the game. If you’re only interested on certain traits, feel free to use the table of contents below.


First, let’s learn more about Tactician. The Tactician trait will let you unlock new Tactics skills. These skills have a small chance to put an “attack up” buff in one square on your side of the field. At the end of your turn, you will have it either on your front row or your back row.

To unlock the trait, you will need to land a certain number of crit hits or deal a required amount of damage. This is one of the easier traits you can get since you can just play the game and automatically have it. Once you deal enough damage, you will be able to receive the trait.

How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2 & What They Do Tactician


The next Trait on the list is Nimble. To get Nimble, you must move a certain number of squares in one turn. It will take you around 4-8 squares to unlock it. Once you have it, the Trait can give you a whole secondary action, which can be useful.

For an Alchemist, this class sometimes has a random chance of creating a potion. This potion costs a secondary action to use. With this trait, you will be able to throw two potions in one turn. You can also choose to throw one and then move, which makes the trait a flexible choice for the party.

How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2 & What They Do Nimble


The Gifted Trait gives you a +3 increase to each single stat. To unlock this one, you will need to defeat the Bandit. During the second part of the Resistance Chapter 1, you will reach level 7. After that, defeat the Bandit and you will unlock Gifted.

How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2 & What They Do Gifted

Deep Thinker

The next one is Deep Thinker, which will give you +1 Focus. You will also unlock a skill called Eureka. When you level up, you will regain your health and focus on the same time. This is a very valuable skill that can be useful in many different situations.

For example, you are in a fight and you can level up. You can then use all of your Focus on one big attack. After that, you can level up and regain all of your Focus. If you are on the world map, you can spend all your focus on moving and then use an XP scroll to level up.

For The King 2 Deep Thinker


Lucky is also another good trait for you to have. This trait will give you a +25 stat increase in Luck. There are a few lucky challenges and random events that revolve around this one useful stat. To unlock it, you will need to find a secret room in the Resistance.

When you go into the First Chapter of Resistance, you will have a choice of whether to go into the sewers. Once you go into the sewers, there is a random chance in one of the rooms for you to find a Goblin Merchant.

He will sell you a Skeleton Key leading you to the final dungeon. At the end, there is going to be a door you can use to unlock it.

For The King 2 Lucky


Eager is a trait you can get after you complete Chapter 2. This trait gives you a chance to act first in combat. The trait does not guarantee that you will always go first. However, it can be really good if you get lucky in many situations.

For The King 2 Eager


The Navigator trait allows you to have additional movement whenever you are using a boat on the water.

When you first buy a Boat during Chapter 3, you will automatically unlock this trait. This is one of the easy ones to get since you simply need to play the game.

For The King 2 Navigator


The Supportive trait will give you an additional support range. When you are initiating combat, this will allow the person with this skill to help you from an extra hex away. This trait is useful when you are playing multiplayer or you simply want to space yourself out a little bit for more safety.

To unlock it, finish Chapter 3 and you will have it after you buy your Boat. This means that once you buy your first boat, you will be able to have both the Eager and the Supportive traits! Overall, the Supportive trait is very situational and isn’t great in all circumstances.

For The King 2 Supportive

That is some of the information for you about the 8 currently available traits in For The King 2. Most of these traits are relatively easy for you to get by simply playing the game. Depending on your party’s characters as well as playstyles, you can decide what traits to get accordingly.

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