For The King 2: Complete Alchemist Guide

Look, you have created a potion! Time to use it!

For The King 2: Complete Alchemist Guide

For The King 2 offers you a unique turn-based combat system where you need to combine your party members’ utilities and win many fights. Currently, the game has 5 playable characters once you first start, and another 6 characters which you need to unlock by completing in-game objectives.

The Alchemist is one of the fun classes in the game with a lot of speed and utilities to provide for your team. Before trying out this character, it can be quite useful for you to know some basic information about the Alchemist. In this guide, we will show you some tips on how you can play the character.

Complete Alchemist Guide

First, let’s learn about the Alchemist’s two passives. The first one is Smoke Flee. This allows you to flee from any Square on your side of the field. Normally, you’ve got to be on the back row to flee. If you have this skill, you can use this on the front row.

Additionally, you require fewer rolls where you normally have to roll your speed twice. With this skill, you will only need to roll once.

Your second passive ability is Make Potion. This happens randomly at the end of your turn in the Overworld.

Most of the potions that you will make are grenades, bombs, and other related items. This is a useful skill, but it depends a lot on your luck whether you see it happen a lot or not.

For The King 2: Complete Alchemist Guide

His starting equipment is 1 Alchemist Wand, 1 Tinder Pouch, 1 Godsbeard and 1 Safety Stone. All of the starting equipment is quite useful.

However, the starting Alchemist Wand isn’t that good compared to other weapons you can use further into the game.

For The King 2 Starting Items

Looking at the Alchemist’s stats, he is a back-row fighter with a low Vitality stat of 59. When you look at his stats, he is mostly intelligence and speed-based.

Intelligence is used for wands and staves, so it is a great stat to have for this class. You’ll also have speed, which lets you start your turn first before someone else in combat.

When you are building this class, try not to have much speed on your equipment since you already have a pretty high base speed of 81.

You can try equipping him with a frost spell or a shock spell to help your team deal more damage.

For The King 2 Stats

For his Traits, Nimble can be a really good one. When you make your weapons or grenades, they require a secondary action for you to use them.

With this trait, you can use the free secondary action from it to move or to throw another bomb.

For The King 2 Traits

That is some of the information about the passives and stats of the Alchemist class in For The King 2. Depending on your other characters in the party, you can further customize his class to fit the overall party’s playstyle. Once you have found the right build, fights become really easy.

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